Burn more calories and improve heart health

It is not always easy for us to incorporate physical activity and exercise into our daily lives. work and family responsibilities And other circumstances that reduce our time. However, the importance of some type of training to maintain our good shape leads us to find alternatives that often adapt to our daily routine.

For this reason, we all know very well how beneficial walking is for our body and we have set daily targets that are considered ideal: 10,000 steps a day,

Our smart watches and even our cell phones tell us about our every move, so it is easy to control and we have found an accessible and effective way to get daily exercise in this easy exercise.

And yes, the cardiovascular benefits of daily walking are well proven and supported by countless doctors and experts. However, a recent study from Tulane University in the United States has discovered a new way to improve our physical fitness. With another similar daily activity: climbing stairs.

He Dr. Lu-Qi“Climbing about 50 stairs a day can reduce the risk of atherosclerotic heart disease by 20%,” explains Professor at Tulane University, an assistant professor at Harvard and the lead author of the study.

Improves cardiorespiratory capacity and lipid profile

An average flight of stairs has about ten steps, so we’ll talk about the equivalent of going up to the fourth or fifth floor. If there are no stairs in our building or we live in a house. We can do repetitions or look for stairs in parks Or sports venues within our reach so that this beneficial exercise can be included in our daily routine.

“Fast, high-intensity stair climbing is an effective way Improve cardiorespiratory capacity and lipid profileEspecially for those who cannot comply with current physical activity recommendations,” says Lu-Qi, referring to modern standards of gym work as the main physical exercise option, due to various circumstances. Not accessible to everyone.

  • Improves heart health

  • increase our resistance

  • Walking burns more calories due to the intensity of the exercise

  • Releases more endorphins due to intensity of activity

  • It is accessible to everyone

The study was conducted in the last quarter of 2023 and Tulane University looked at the benefits of exercising by climbing stairs overall. 458,860 adults,

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