Caitlyn and Vi receive couple skins in League of Legends

League of Legends

Riot Games announced League of Legends Heartbreaker skins for Valentine’s Day, and among them are Caitlyn and Vi with a cute interaction.

Caitlyn and Vi receive couple skins in League of Legends
Caitlyn and Vi receive couple skins in League of Legends

Of all the characters in League of Legendssome of the most closely matched are Caitlin Y Saw. From their interactions in the series Arcane, fans have started to “ship” these two characters; now Riot has confirmed the couple through the release of their new skins.

Riot Games announced the new line of Heartbreaker and Heartbreak skins for Valentine’s Day, which will be coming to PBE soon. The sheriff and the vigilante received two skins with some nice visual effects, but what is most striking is the interaction between the two.

In Vi’s recall, we can see her forcefully open a pink locker with her Hextech gloves, to leave a love letter next to a cupcake. And in Caitlyn’s animation we can see how this continues, since opens the locker and closes it with shame when he sees the letterbefore grabbing her and hugging her.

for his part Amumu receives a skin from Afflicted, which continues with the line of being the loneliest champion of all. In his recall we can see how he tries to open a black locker, and the only thing he achieves is that the books fall on top of him. These skins will be available on the PBE soon.

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