Camp Enderwood and new toys

Minecraft is making a lot of news recently. This time, she has announced a collaboration with mattel to launch the new DLCCamp Enderwood” in Minecraft. This new downloadable map features new characters and is packed with unique and special mini-games. Its download is now available for free at Minecraft Marketplace.

the adventurers of Camp Enderwood they can do a lot of activities, such as roasting marshmallows, relaxing and fun horseback riding, archery, crafts, using the trampoline, dancing and to finish off, also go on a treasure hunt for glamping. Camp Enderwood offers many hours of fun with all its new options in Minecraft. This map is developed by Minecraft, mattel Y Cyclone Designs.

The launch of Camp Enderwood It also coincides with the launch of a toy line from mattel regarding Minecraft. This series is calledCreator Series” and comes loaded with characters, props, and stories for the new DLC map. The figures will come with unique codes that will welcome us to exclusive items.

The characters included are as follows.

  • top athlete
  • Camp Rockstar
  • glamping
  • Star Child
  • Gamer
  • Ska Kid
  • craft lady
  • Avid Adventurer
  • Moth Creature
  • Sunken Spirit
  • yeti

Half of the character list of Camp Enderwood it will be released as toys this spring, with the rest debuting this coming summer.

Camp Enderwood wants to celebrate the player’s own expression as a reason of vital importance, being faithful to the activities of Minecraft. The new toys allow us to recreate the characters most loved by fans.

The figures represent the variety of clothing styles, skin tones and gender expressions in conjunction with diversity and inclusion, already present in the community of Minecraft. Something very important for the company. As an addition, you can download the parts and accessories of the figures in the game, from Minecraft Character Creator.

Finally, it should also be noted that we already have available the Deluxe Collection of the game, a digital version of Minecraft that costs about 40 euros and includes the base game, downloadable content, 1600 Minecoins, six maps (including Super Mario Mash-up), three skin packs, one texture pack, five crafting items of characters and three emotes.

What do you think of this new DLC and the new line of toys, thanks to the collaboration between Minecraft and Mattel? We read you in the comments.


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