Carlo Ancelotti after Real Madrid defeat: ‘Nothing more could have been done’

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carlo ancelotti, technician real Madrid, He did not blame his players after the elimination 16th round of Copa del Rey at the house of atlético de madrid, He assured that “no more can be done for many things,” and admitted that he suffered the most wear and tear in the extra time after “Sins of Youth.”

“It is not easy to evaluate this match. We played very well, we fought till the end to overcome the defeat twice We have lost by taking the risk of unnecessary games. That punished us in the loss of the ball. It was a very good game from us, For many things more could not be done”, He gave assurance in a press conference.

He had no complaints when asked about the referee’s performance Ancelotti, who praised atlético de madrid Without any rebuke to his footballers.

“I don’t know whether abolition is appropriate or not. Atletico have made a tremendous effort Like us, he has competed and fought for every ball. nNobody deserved to lose but we lost And we have to look ahead. We have given everything, I have nothing to condemn. As in all derbies, there are battles but in the end it was a perfect match,” he said.

“I don’t want to do personal analysis. It could have been done better when the game was tied, We had control and didn’t need to press too much to play and at times we did. “This is the sin of the youth and this is the key to it,” he said.

Biggest wear and tear from playing another sport spain supercup And the long journey back from Riyadh with little time to prepare for the meeting was blamed real Madrid In overtime according to their coach.

“The team was clearly at a disadvantage atlético Because They have a week to prepare for the game. On a physical level they had a little more but the team continued to fight until the 120th minute without tiring. “Now we have time to improve our physical condition,” he said.

he aimed Ancelotti’s defensive weakness Cupra as one of the main reasons for eradication. “We are very strong in the league but a little weak in the cup. Also Champions We are fit. He athletic They have very dangerous players, they score many goals Metropolitan. Obviously in the last two matches we could have performed better, it is true that we have conceded many goals but we have also scored many goals against them and it is not that easy.

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