CASE Esports kisses metal at the cost of embittering H1ber

CASE Esports has become the best team in the short history of the Spanish league at the cost of breaking myths. Burning the ‘law of the ex’ and nullifying the Goliath of the MVP of the competition. The final starring the first and second classified of the regular phase has not disappointed. However, it has generated a cold climate in full increase in temperatures due to the forms. The final of the national VALORANT Challengers was expected to be an intense duel between the two finalists, but it finally turned out to be a colloquium for CASE against Team Queso, achieving the second consecutive title after winning 1-3.

Team Queso arrived in Torrevieja with high spirits. With the same attitude of the one who, when he sees himself in the mirror, instead of being ashamed, grows up. Leader of the regular phase and solid in the semifinals against UCAM Tokiers (3-1), the club had the ambition of getting a new trophy for its showcases. In addition, it had the approval of the public -which gave it as a favorite- and with two awards of the season among its ranks. Instead, CASE Esports had the ‘low profile’, if it can be had as a defending champion. The counterbalance of some players debuting in person contrasted with the experience of savoring the sweetness of metal in the last season. The squad came as a spokesperson for the same work ethic as the club’s owner: quality, commitment and sacrifice.

CASE Esports kicked off the final showing why they carry the weight of the national champion on their backs. The series began with an Icebox that, rather than ending in favor of Casemiro’s organization, was a demonstration. A shout to say: I command here. CASE attacked without ceasing, as if it were besieging Troy centuries ago, and stood at the break with a score of 3-9. The change of sides did not sit well with Team Queso, who longed for the performance of Joona Parviainen «H1ber». The Finn was not in a super habit and was behind Dominykas Lukaševičius «MiniBoo», MVP of the final, who made his life miserable. The Lithuanian got 90% of the kills against the Cheese player. He was paying homage to the great individual markings of the calciumprotected the perfect win ratio on the map as a goal to cap off the opening 5-13.

Team Queso resurfaced in Haven. H1ber couldn’t shine, he was still uncomfortable. However, faced with such an obvious marking, the rest of the team took a step forward. Bartosz Bernacki «UNFAKE» took on more responsibilities with Sova to override CASE Esports. If his Finnish teammate couldn’t hit the ball because they wouldn’t let him, the Pole was the one who made sure he was right. UNFAKE’s precision was surgical, worthy of Juninho Pernambucano’s beating. And with the same tranquility, as if having 600 people screaming in front of you was the daily bread. He collected the information, Alberto González «Neptune» was in charge of the openings and both finished the work together. The advantage came from the defending side (8-4), but a streak of five rounds in a row made it 13-6.

CASE Esports took charge in Ascent, also at its own choice, of embittering the existence of Team Queso. The third map had more exchanges of blows, but Casemiro’s team was able to change the spirit of Queso. CASE made a memorable moment like watching H1ber break the all-time record for kills in the Spanish league bitter. He forced the moment to be immortalized as a goal of honor instead of a decisive one. Salvador Gascó «yurii» shone with KAY/O and Vladyslav Shvets «kilos» with Killjoy. More than an impenetrable defense, CASE shone more as an attacker. He did his homework with another 8-4 before switching ends to make it 1-2 at 8-13.

Team Queso turned to Lotus as a surprise factor and ended in disappointment. The frags in favor of a successful CASE Esports they turned more than the revolving door of the map. CASE was once again on point as an attacker and was an unstoppable force. Previous gestures of impotence by Mario González «PoPiFresH» reflected Cheese’s ‘want to but can’t. A clutch by Povilas Krivelisroxie» It was hot in the middle of the dry spell for TQ. Both the public and Queso expected many victory scenarios, but CASE Esports has become the nightmare of all of them. At the cost of canceling mainly H1ber, Casemiro’s organization forces the Finn, neptuNo and Christian García to wait «loWel» for a longer time to get the title of national champion. CASE is the rival to beat as a club with the most finals played. The antagonist of a league in need of encouragement.

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