CASE wants to repeat the feat in the VCL

The VCL already has its two finalists, on the one hand team cheese already expected in the final, and the last classified has been CASE Esports tras defeat falcons in the semifinals. The two best teams in the regular phase will play the final of the playoffs.

CASE’s first notice

They started the semifinal on the map of Lotus where the negrigualdas were quite superior.

started better falcons who took the round of pistols with a 4k of synsi. CASE did not score until the third round where they played a good postplant and kilos signed three kills. those of yurii they were ahead on the scoreboard, but falcons equalized the score after a great retake in it if you of C.

The entries of CASE were being effective and in most cases managed to place the spike. They went into the break with a favorable 7-5 and had some advantage.

It was time to switch roles and the CASE guys defended like a charm. They only conceded one round and stopped the falcons’ offensives to take the victory. The entries Falcons were quite frantic, rushing the site they chose and pulling forward without thinking. KILLDREAMST got good openkills and he won the point zone well with the Borrascas.

However, CASE was very good in retakes and they took the first map with a final result of 13-6.

The Falcons Counterattack

falcons he would not give up and would take the victory on the second map to put the tables on the scoreboard.

The falcons that won the first round started well with a good retake in it if you of A. The negrigualdas did not take long to put equality, they attacked the same if you and MiniiBoo signed a 3k. They managed to plant the spike and defend it to take the round.

CASE he took the lead, but the hawks returned to equalize the match. started synsi drawing a double kill with his Hunter’s Fury They only left alive roxie who ended up dying at the hands of eXerZ and in this way they signed a round flawless to even the score.

The first half could not have been more even, the rounds went away for both teams and ended with a 6-6 score. However, with the change of roles, the hawks were superior.

The negrigualdas were put in front again with a ACE spectacular of MiniiBoo defending the if you of A. Although, this ACE was one of the few good news for CASE on this side the boys of falcons They were very successful in the attacking rounds and they put the victory with a 13-9 on the scoreboard.

CASE’s Final Rush

With the 1-1 on the scoreboard those of Lucas Red they weren’t going to make any more mistakes and they would win the next two maps.

In Split things were very close, but they would finally achieve victory. Once again, the hawks started the confrontation better by taking the round of pistols signing a flawless.

The match was very even and both teams were at a very high level. The rounds fell for both sides, but CASE He went to rest with a 7-5 in his favor.

The offensive turn came for the negrigualdas and they did not miss it. CASE he was playing quite aggressive with frantic entries on both sites, and it was working for them. They got 11-6 on the scoreboard after a great round of ease who signed a 3k and a good clutch. From here the hawks got their act together and complicated the situation quite a bit CASE. The match was 12-11, but they sentenced the last round with a good postplant in it if you from B.

The last clash took place in Ice box where once again things were red hot, so much so that they had to go to extra time.

The negrigualdas began defending well the if you of B with a retake and a 3k for the good of kilos. In the second round they signed another retake with a spectacular play by Roxie who signed a triple kill. The first round for falcons came after a good plant in B where kilos ran out of time to defuse the spike. The first half ended with a 7-5 scoreline, demonstrating the great equality that existed.

The change of roles was coming and the intensity of the meeting was not lowered in the slightest. This time it was the hawks who were better planted in Ice box and they managed to overcome the match to make it 12-12. However, CASE managed to defend well if you from A in the first round of overtime where Roxie signed another 3k. They sentenced the match in the attack round and took the victory.

Team Queso and CASE Esports will face each other in Torrevieja in the final of the VCL playoffs.

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