Cash, but only in “large bills”

Some owners of private companies, the famous Cuban MSMEs, have, for months, implemented their own law to collect cash in the national currency. On some occasions they force the consumer, the poor “ordinary Cuban”, to pay the high prices they offer, but only with “big bills”.

This was recently confirmed on social networks by an official journalist from Villa Clara, who publicly complained about this recurring situation and even uploaded photos of how MSMEs enforce their own laws. , which are unrelated to government guidelines. And like in Cuba, there is no control over the guidelines, because everyone does what they feel is convenient for their pocket and that’s it.

According to the reporter, an employee of the Telecubancan channel, “MSMEs on Santa Clara double track, that’s what their advertising says.” Let’s hope this announcement doesn’t hurt the workers in this city who shop retail and do a lot of work.”

Another official journalist from Villa Clara said: “It seems that it has already become fashionable. And if you are going to pay by QR or transfer, they answer that the price is different. The worst thing is that it shows up and nothing happens.” While another resident claimed that this was happening and today he could not pay for the product with a 20 peso bill.

Cuba is short on cash, MSMEs and banks.

Another reporter from the same Villa Clara channel said, “It’s been a while since you can pay with 5 and 10 peso bills in some MSMEs.” And this is not only happening in this central province, it is also happening in the rest of the country, increasing the purchasing power of many Cubans who live day to day.

“It is not about eliminating MSMEs, it is about streamlining things that are born with distortions, it is about doing things well without troubling people who already have enough problems. Are. It’s about making QR payments real, because many people avoid it and we know why,” said the reporter, who condemned the practice of “big bills.”

In addition to Cuba’s MSMEs, liquidity problems on the island and financial institutions are leaving a bad taste in the mouth, even when collecting salaries. The same reporter said that despite spending hours in the queue, she could not collect her salary because there was no liquidity in the banks.

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