5 cryptocurrencies to get R$ 1 million: ‘I only need to get one right’, says an analyst who set up a strategy to profit from microcoins; see interview

On the 30th, André Franco, cryptoactive analyst at Empiricus, will reveal an investment strategy that involves 5 digital currencies that are still off the radar of most investors and have the potential to generate exponential profits. The goal is to reach the million house. They are actually microcoins, cryptocurrencies that are still in their infancy … Read more

SC has 7 ‘newcomers’ in Forbes’ ranking of Brazilian billionaires | Santa Catarina

Santa Catarina has seven names among the 40 “newbies” billionaires in Brazil. The list was disclosed this Friday (27), according to the Forbes Brasil 2021 list. The list includes 315 people considered the richest in the country, a record, according to the publication. The greatest asset among the newcomers from Santa Catarina on the Forbes … Read more

Double digits are back in fixed income – Money Times

The challenging scenario in the country reinforces the importance of recalibrating and diversifying the fixed income portion of the investment portfolio, says the columnist (Image: Shutterstock) In view of the high inflation and the perspective that the Central Bank will raise the Selic even further – today at 5.25% per year to 7.50% or even … Read more

see sectors that are hiring

Among the 14.8 million unemployed Brazilians – the biggest mark since the beginning of the National Household Sample Survey (PNAD) in 2012 -, there are sectors that are hiring and live a completely different reality from the one prevailing in the country. construction, bricklayers, tiles and other workers for basic functions are lacking. In the … Read more

Banco do Brasil systems are down – News

Banco do Brasil’s systems went offline this Friday (27) and left more than 54 million customers without access to accounts. ATMs, the bank’s website and application ceased to function. Transfers, payment slips, payments via debit and credit and even withdrawals were unavailable, according to customer reports on social networks. “I tried to pay the installment … Read more