Look by Virgínia Fonseca in a show has 50 thousand crystals and the price surprises the web. Know!

Virgínia Fonseca was present at the show of her father-in-law, Leonardo, with Raça Negra at Espaço das Américas in São Paulo this Friday (26). For the event, which he enjoyed with Zé Felipe, the influencer chose a pink embroidered dress with approximately 50 thousand microcrystals signed by Eduardo Amarante. In a conversation with columnist Leo … Read more

Sorocaba’s wife delivers suffocation and records daughter ‘waiting’: “Mothers understand”

Sorocaba’s wife, Biah Rodrigues showed time alone with the newborn; check out the real pictures between mother and daughter wife of Sorocaba, Biah Rodriguesshared a real moment with her newborn daughter, Fernanda. This Friday (26), the model had to improvise to be able to go to the bathroom while she was alone at home. On … Read more

MC Gui takes over for Marina who badmouthed her

Earlier this afternoon, MC Gui, Marina Ferrari and Aline Mineiro were in the tree house talking when the funkeiro took over what he said about the influencer behind his back in “A Fazenda 13” (RecordTV). The artist began: “I’ll talk, won’t you be mad?” and Marina nodded: “No, speak.” MC Gui said “I said you’re … Read more