Post-credits scenes from ‘Eternos’ got the audience EXCITED about the future of MCU

Journalists and audiences at the premiere were thrilled with the two post-credits scenes of ‘eternal‘, which promise a new villain for Marvel’s future in theaters. “Eternos’ post-credits scenes generated wild and noisy reactions from the audience at the premiere. Both are very, very exciting.” revealed ComicBook’s Brandon Davis. “Eternals is Marvel’s version of the Justice … Read more

Aline Wirley, ex-Rouge, reveals bisexuality and recalls gay relationship – Famous

Aline Wirley (photo: Reproduction/Instagram) This week the singer Kelly Key released another episode of his podcast, called ” ThursdayPod “, broadcast through her Youtube channel. This time, the guest was the ex-Rouge artist Aline Wirey , who revealed to be bisexual during the chat. Currently married to the actor Igor Rickli , who played the … Read more

Jessica Ellen is the ninth unmasked of ‘The Masked Singer Brasil’ | The Masked Singer Brazil

The actress and singer showed her versatility on stage, showed her big voice in unforgettable presentations and thrilled the judges. This Tuesday night, 19/10, Whitney Houston sang and impressed. In the dispute with Unicorn, however, he left with 31% of the votes. Taís Araujo got the night’s guess right and insisted on Jessica’s name with … Read more

Marília Mendonça comes to Maiara’s defense after criticism: ‘How lowly’ | Fabia Oliveira

Marilia Mendonça – Reproduction Marilia Mendonçareproduction Published 10/19/2021 19:31 | Updated 10/19/2021 22:09 Marília Mendonça defended her friend Maiara after some criticism she received on the internet in recent days. “I see some comments from women about another woman who makes me want to poke my eyes out… we still have a lot to improve, … Read more