Bad reputation in Fortnite: what it is and how to level up

Maria Pastoriza ❘ Published: 2023-02-14T17:00:14 ❘ Updated: 2023-02-14T17:00:17 Reputation is a new feature coming to Fortnite as part of the Most Wanted event. We tell you what it means, and we give you tips on how to increase your bad reputation level Fortnite’s Most Wanted event has kicked off, with …

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How to make a refund on my account?

Fortnite He is, without a doubt, the king of the battle royalesbut also of the microtransactions. In fact, as many will know, this title was the one that popularized the concept of “battle pass”. In this sense, it often happens that we buy certain things but after thinking about it …

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Will Rubius have his own skin in Fortnite?

Rubius announced that he is working on a collaboration with Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite. What is it about? Fortnite collaborations are already something of every day. A new rumor indicates that Rubius, one of the most relevant content creators in the world, could have his own skin in …

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