League of Legends

The change to Senna that has angered his players

Image Source: Riot Games The patch 13.1b It brought a lot of changes to League of Legends. Riot Games implemented numerous improvements to ADCs while it changed part of the objects bruisers. A series of changes that a large part of the community highlighted that they should have introduced during …

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The supports meta gets out of hand in the LPL

Image Source: Riot Games During the last weeks the metagame is generating debate in the League of Legends community, especially in the position of support. Marksmen are breaking into the meta as a high priority pick, but not just in their natural position, but also as supports. One of the …

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day 7 live

Day 7 of the LoL Super League, live Today we have Super League, the children smile. There are three games left to finish this first round, and There are already some teams that need victories like eating if they want to meet the objective. We will have Jokers again opening …

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