Minecraft Extreme: know the list of the 39 finalists

Minecraft It has become the most popular video game in twitch. For this reason, AuronPlay has decided to create his own and organize Minecraft Extremea series where various content creators demonstrate their ability to survive. Also read: AuronPlay wants Minecraft Extreme finalists to have only one life: “That’s what I’m …

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Mattel and Minecraft release Camp Enderwood map

Mattel and Minecraft have released the new map Minecraft Creator Series Camp Enderwoodwhich introduces new mini-games and characters. Available for free on the Minecraft Marketplace, the map lets visitors try their hand at roasting marshmallows, horseback riding, archery, disco dancing, a scavenger hunt, and more. Mattel will also be releasing …

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What do horses eat in Minecraft?

You can take care of various animals in Minecraft and have them help you on your travels. Horses are one of the most valuable creatures, capable of traveling long distances with you, making it easy to explore the game. It is important that you take care of these horses, and …

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