General says Venezuela financed Lula and other left-wing politicians

According to the testimony of a former head of Venezuelan military intelligence, transfers took place in the governments of Hugo Chávez and Nicolás Maduro| Photo: EFE/Carlos Ramirez A former head of Venezuelan military intelligence informed the Spanish court that the governments of Hugo Chávez and Nicolás Maduro made illegal payments to left-wing parties and politicians … Read more

Plane crashes in US, and all passengers and crew survive

Airplane was destroyed by fire – Photo: Reproduction/ABC 13 Flight had 21 people on board, 18 passengers The aircraft belonged to a businessman, who was on the flight Only two people needed to be referred to a hospital All passengers and crew survived a plane crash on Tuesday (19) in the city of Houston, Texas. … Read more

Senate approves gas aid for needy families

The Senate approved today (19) the creation of the Gas Program for Brazilians, the so-called gas aid. The program will help low-income families to purchase cooking gas. The bill (PL) provides that each family will receive the equivalent of 40% of the price of a gas cylinder every two months. The project returns to the … Read more

it’s more expensive to travel on vacation

The end of social isolation in Brazil, with the advance of vaccination against covid-19, promises to move the tourism sector in the coming months. The bad news is that, with the increase in travel demand and company costs, Brazilians are already paying more for air tickets, accommodation, tour packages and car rental. Airline tickets soared … Read more

Trial on deputy impeachment for false news stopped

The judgment in the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) of the appeal requesting the annulment of the mandate of state deputy Fernando Francischini (PSL-PR), for spreading false news about electronic voting machines and about the Brazilian electoral process in the 2018 elections, was interrupted in this Tuesday (19), after Minister Carlos Horbach’s request for a visit. … Read more