The US ARMY Opens the Selection for the Gears 5 Team

Some time ago we told you about the willingness of Microsoft and the publishers to invest in eSport, as a communication strategy for their top titles and, above all, the upcoming Gears of War 5. Turner and ELEAGUE have in fact concluded a partnership with The Coalition to promote the release of Gears of War 5 through … Read more

Ring of Elysium: At the Start a Rich Tournament for the Battle Royale, With Shroud and Forsen

Ring of Elysium

Ring of Elysium has been inserted for some time in the increasingly large panorama of battle royale. This time, to make news is a huge dedicated tournament: the Ring of Elysium Amazon Cup, which will see the participation of Michael ” Shroud ” Grzesiek and Sebastian ” Forsen ” Fors, two well-known streamers. Online qualifications for both Europe and North America are … Read more

Fortnite Challenges Week 10: Use an Air Strike in Different Games


Among the Week 10 Fortnite Season 9 Challenges there is one that requires you to use an airstrike over three different games. In this mini-guide, we explain everything you need to know to complete it. Below we list all the Week 10 Fortnite Season 9 Challenges, highlighting the one we examined in this mini-guide. Week 10 Fortnite Season 9 Challenges Gratuite Use … Read more

Nintendo Switch Lite Will Not Change the Development on Switch “Base”, Explains Doug Bowser

Nintendo Switch Lite Battery- Here Are All the Specifications and Durability

Speaking on the TIME columns to comment on the announcement of Nintendo Switch Lite, Nintendo of America’s president, who replaced Reggie Fils-Aime , Doug Bowser, explained that Switch’s new “Mini model” will not change the process development of titles on the original console model. Regarding the doubts nurtured by those who, rightly or not, believe that the differences … Read more

Fortnite Fortbyte 28: Solving the Puzzle Outside a Landfill in the Desert

New day, new Fortbyte hidden to be found on the island of Fortnite Royal Battle (Season 9). In this mini-guide we show you how to get the Fortbyte # 28 accessible by solving the puzzle outside a landfill in the desert. After having shown you how to get the Fortbyte # 5 accessible with emote Passo del Relax … Read more

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Mobcast Announces the Development of a Mobile Game

Neon Genesis

The upper echelons of Mobcast, a Japanese development company specializing in anime video game transpositions, confirm that they are working on a video game linked to the heavy intellectual property of Neon Genesis Evangelion : the project will arrive in 2020 on iOS and Android mobile systems. Despite the choice of proposing this important project on portable platforms, … Read more

Fortnite: Collect Wood From Pirate or Viking Ship, Umbrella Stone, Robot Metal

Finally, Fortnite Season 9 players can dedicate themselves to the new challenges of Week 10 . Below we show you where and how to complete the step-by-step challenge that requires you to collect wood from a pirate or Viking ship, knife stone and fork or umbrella, metal from a robot factory. Below we list all the Week 10 Fortnite Season … Read more