When the Devil has a hand in it: DOOM Eternal has been postponed to 2020

Doom Eternal Will Receive Two Single-Player Expansions After Launch

Although there were only a few weeks left to the DOOM Eternal release, the id Software top management tell us that the new adventure of the Doom Slayer will wait until next year. “During the entire DOOM Eternal development phase, our goal has always been to create a video game …

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Fortnite: Collect Visitor Registration on Floating Island and Trade Course

The challenges are finally available Musketeers Time of Fortnite, an event that marks the end of Season 10 of Epic battle royale. In this mini-guide, we show you how to complete the challenge of finding Visitor registrations on Floating Island and Trade Course. To complete this challenge, all you need to do is find and collect the visitor records located on …

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FIFA 20: Electronic Arts servers return active after an offline night

FIFA 20 for PS4 Free Trial with EA Access Confirmed

Late yesterday evening, the Electronic Arts server was down, resulting in offline games like Battlefield V, Apex Legends and of course FIFA 20. The downtime of the EA servers lasted almost all night and even in the early hours of the morning or many disruptions occurred with continuous disconnections and lag. Now the problems …

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Terry Bogard of Fatal Fury enters the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster in November


It will be Terry Bogard, from the classic of SNK Fatal Fury, the next fighter to enter the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster, as announced last month by Nintendo during his latest Direct, and luckily it doesn’t miss much to enter the game of the new character. The official Twitter account of Nintendo Versus has in fact posted a little while …

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Fortnite: what time does The End begin? New leaks on the map of Season 11

Thanks to the appearance of the countdown to the Season 10 event, Fortnite Battle Royale fans finally know what time the End will begin, which, as suggested by the code name chosen by Epic, will mark the end of the Season 10 and the start of Fortnite Season 11. The countdown …

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Fortnite and Samsung still together for the exclusive Glow skin

Fortnite Glow Skin

Samsung once again celebrates its collaboration with Epic Games for Fortnite with the announcement of an exclusive Glow skin for the game, available for owners of almost all Galaxy series devices. The The design of the Glow skin comes from the Aura Glow color of the Galaxy Note 10, designed for the Millennial generation and inspired by …

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FIFA 20: Hazard and Sterling show off a new look in the game

FIFA 20:

The guys at EA Sports continue to work to make FIFA 20 a better game, intervening on playability and fixing bugs. In the midst of all this work to do, in any case, Canadian developers have not forgotten the aesthetic aspect at all. You know, even the eye wants its part! Many may not …

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FIFA 20: the best economic players to buy with few credits

FIFA 20 Time

After having talked about the best young talents of FIFA 20, in this mini-guide, we will show you 10 excellent players that you can buy in the new EA Sports football simulator by spending a few credits. If you want some graft for your team spending little, or to complete a Pink Creation Challenge, …

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Overwatch: the former pro DreamKazper, accused of sexual harassment, breaks the silence


Jonathan ” Dreamkazper ” Sanchez, after more than a year, finally broke the silence, issuing a statement about his suspension from the Overwatch League following allegations of ” sexual harassment ” against a minor in the league’s inaugural season. ” I really want to apologize to everyone I hurt because of this situation and those …

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