Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Space Occupied by the Monstrous Installation

Apparently the space occupied by the installation of Final Fantasy 7 Remake could be really monstrous, at least according to what emerged. The installation of Final Fantasy 7 Remake could take up a truly monstrous amount of space on the PS4 hard drive. There is talk of more than 100GB at launch, a figure destined to rise with subsequent updates. The data … Read more

Street Fighter 5 Netcode Bug Has Been Fixed by a Modder

Apparently a Street Fighter 5 fan has bothered to fix a bug since the game was released. According to the modder Altimor, and indeed other important community members and fighting game developers, Street Fighter V includes a bug that can cause latency in subsequent moves. The result of this error is a one-sided “rollback” for a player, while the opponent … Read more

Monster Hunter: World’s Iceborne Is Now Available on PC

What is promised is debt, and Capcom has finally launched the acclaimed Monster Hunter: World’s Iceborne expansion for all PC users through Steam. This content prominently enhances the adventure presented in the base game, and if you’re a fan of this installment, then you definitely can’t miss it. Learn a little more about their news here. With an entirely new story, Iceborne hunters can explore an area called Hoarfrost … Read more

Fortnite x Star Wars: where to find the lightsabers, update 11.30.1 and the skin of Kylo Ren

We’re in the midst of one of Fortnite x Star Wars’s most anticipated Fortnite Chapter 2 events, which will keep us busy until next Monday. Previewing the release of Skywalker’s ascent next Wednesday, December 18th, on Saturday night we received a taste of the film thanks to the vision of a new scene. We showed you how to get the lightsabers, now let’s … Read more

PES 2020, Data Pack 3.0 and Team Packages Now Available

Konami has released PES 2020 Data Pack 3.0 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. We see all the innovations introduced. The Data Pack 3.0 of eFootball PES 2020 is available now as a free download for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Konami also announced the availability of new paid premium team packages. Here below all the details: Partner Teams Packages The seven partner Club … Read more

Red Dead Online, New Profession of the Incoming Frontier

Rockstar Games has unveiled the new profession of the Frontier which will be made available to the Red Dead Online community in the coming days. Rockstar Games is preparing to make a new Frontier Profession available to Red Dead Online players. As announced today, the Distillers will be introduced starting Friday, December 13th. We find out more details through the official press … Read more

PlayStation 25: Far Beyond “Just Fun”

Where were you on December 3, 1994? Probably if you didn’t live in Japan, you didn’t even know what “PlayStation” was. After all, he only arrived in the West almost a year later. But exactly 25 years ago, Sony took a step that changed the gaming industry. He boldly faced the giants Sega and Nintendo and has not looked … Read more

Granblue Fantasy: Versus, PS4 Fighting Game Trailer Features Percival Character

Granblue Fantasy: Versus will be released in both Physical Premium Edition and Digital Deluxe Edition in North America and Europe. The official channel on Youtube  PlayStation announced on Monday  (02/12)  a trailer for the game  Granblue Fantasy: Versus,  the   Cygames and  Arc System Works for  PlayStation 4. The video shows the character, Percival. The  XSEED Games and  Marvelous Europe will release the game in North America … Read more

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition Available Today on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

Here’s what the console edition includes.  Skybound Games and Beamdog announce that Neverwinter Nights will be available for consoles from today. Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition brings back the 2002 Computer RPG of the Year award-winning game, with over 100 hours of DLC, including 10 stand-alone D&D adventures. The disc contains the expansions “Shadows of Undrentide” and “Hordes of the Underdark”, as … Read more