The conversation attributed to Anonymous about aliens in Area 51 is in reality a audio 1997

The group of cyber activists Anonymous has returned to the activity after three years in which I have not had much impact. And they have done so after the death of George Floyd threatening to make public “many of the crimes”, according to defend, the administration of the United States hidden from the world. In … Read more

The most popular myths about divorces

Divorces are a part of your lives. No matter how hard people try, sometimes, there is nothing they can do to save their relationships. And just like any other aspect of human relationships, divorces also are surrounded by various myths and speculations. Today, we want to deal with the most popular of those myths. Second … Read more

Social Acceleration Group announces collaboration with Olivia Pierson

Social Acceleration group has announced they will be collaborating with E! Personality Olivia Pierson for their next giveaway on Instagram. According to, they are working with Olivia Pierson to give away multiple designer handbags from YSL and Prada.  This giveaway will be offered to fans of Olivia, announced via her Instagram page in February. … Read more