WhatsApp can transform images into stickers, indicates test

WhatsApp is working on a way to make creating new stickers more practical. According to a new WhatsApp Web function, discovered by the website WABetaInfo in version 2.2137.3 of the app, users will be able to convert common images into stickers. The feature, still under development, has no estimated release date. As the website explains, … Read more

500GB SSD to be released for Xbox Series X|S soon

Product was seen listed at one European retailer for 155 euros and at another for 170 euros We can have a new partnership between seagate and Microsoft for the launch of a new model of external memory card for memory expansion, the infamous proprietary SSD that integrates the portfolio of accessories for the Xbox Series, … Read more

One UI 4.0 Beta now lets you install icons directly from the Play Store, but there’s a catch.

Samsung has recently released One UI 4.0 Beta, a system version that comes with several changes compared to the previous generation and that addresses some complaints from users of the Galaxy line, correcting problems and adding new tools and functions, including the possibility of installing packages of icons from the Play Store and with full … Read more

Digital Foundry concludes at once that the PS5’s new model is basically identical in cooling

Facebook Twitter Whatsapp YouTuber Austin Evans caused quite a stir by declaring that the new PS5 model with a distinctly smaller heatsink was “worse” than the original launch model. Later tests quickly disproved these claims, revealing that performance hasn’t changed, and many believe that the original huge heatsink was simply overloaded (a remark Evans himself … Read more