Accused of being a copy of Genshin Impact, MMORPG The Legend of Neverland is announced for global release this year ⋆

Previously, I’ve published here about The Legend of Neverland, an MMORPG that drew attention for bringing “some very similar elements”, which some prefer to call a copy, to the world-renowned Genshin Impact, dto miHoyo. New information, brought by analyst Daniel Ahmad, reveals that ByteDance, owner of Tiktok, acquired the rights to publish the game in … Read more

Cory Barlog explains why Nordic saga will end

God of War: Ragnarok is among the most anticipated games for the near future by PlayStation gamers. The sequel to the 2018 game promises to end the Nordic saga, but many fans were somewhat disappointed that there will be no more Viking-inspired adventures. The first trilogy in the series, which started on PlayStation 2, yielded … Read more

Microsoft kicks off a future without passwords

Home › Technology > Microsoft › Microsoft kicks off a future without passwords Typing in passwords every time you need to access an account can become overwhelming over time, especially if you’re in the home office scheme — working in the same sweatshirt for the past two years and doing the same routine from morning … Read more