CDMX announces investment of more than 19,500 million pesos in public works in 2024

The Head of Government, Martí Batres Guadarrama, presented this Monday the 2024 Work Program, in which 19,570 million pesos (MDP) will be allocated to carry out 21 priority projects.

“Public works is one of the great axes of the Mexico City government, we are doing far more public works than the previous administration, in fact, there are areas where we have increased investment in public works by 80 percent. (.. .) We are going to invest 19,570 million pesos in this Works Program and this Works Program will help us provide better services in all sectors, in all sectors, but at the same time, it will also help us speed up the economy. Will allow,” he said.

These projects, the local leader said, are distributed across seven axes of action: City of Rights; Sustainable Cities; public space; road infrastructure; more and better mobility; Cultural Capital of America; and Chapultepec: Nature and Culture.

Martí Batres highlighted the pedestrianization of the capital’s Zócalo and the creation of the Living Museum of Muralism as great contributions to the cultural life of Mexico City, as well as works carried out in collaboration with the Mexican government.

“Among the most notable works, for example, are the projects we are doing with the Government of the Republic such as ‘Chapultepec: Nature and Culture’ and the ‘El Insurgente’ interurban train, which are very important. (…) In terms of mobility we continue to give great importance to this area, there is the trolleybus on Avenida Aztecas, which crosses the Pedregales of Coyoacán; And, of course, other work we are doing also includes the re-leveling of Metro Line 9,” he said.

The Secretary of Works and Services, Jesus Antonio Esteva Medina, highlighted that the “Sustainable City” axis is dedicated to waste management, with a budget of 125.7 million pesos for the completion of the construction waste treatment plant; Maintenance of four transfer stations in Iztapalapa, Venustiano Carranza, Tlalpan and Milpa Alta; Maintenance of the San Juan de Aragón Complex; and maintenance of compost plant.

He explained that the “City of Rights” axis envisages an investment of 360 million pesos for the structural reinforcement, rehabilitation and maintenance of 91 basic education schools located in 13 mayor’s offices.

In addition, he said, it also includes the second phase of the Health University, which includes 20 million pesos for sports fields, exercise equipment, outdoor theater, closed circuit and air conditioning; Completion of 870 m2 of the Vasco de Quiroga and Central de Abasto Social Assistance and Integration Center (CAIS) with 40 million pesos; and the rehabilitation and maintenance of six fire stations in Cuauhtémoc, Tacubaya, Tlahuac and Gustavo A. Madero with 93 million pesos.

While the “Public Space” axis contemplates the creation of more than 200 kilometers of safe paths “Walk Free, Walk Safely” with an investment of 300 million pesos for the lighting of 77 streets and avenues in 16 municipalities. Aiming to reach the target of 1,120 kilometres. Similarly, it contemplates 50 million pesos for the pedestrianization of the Plaza de la Constitution.

“For the pedestrianization project, we are already moving forward in topographic surveys, in surveys, in the project, in the development of the working project, these are the first objective images that we have of what this project will be. We are starting the preliminary work, we estimate in another week, right now you can see the surveyors looking into the drainage issue, which is an important issue to resolve,” he indicated.

Regarding “road infrastructure”, he indicated that 1,057 million pesos would be allocated for the preservation of the rolling surface of the primary road network, equivalent to the resurfacing, patching and mapping of 2 million square meters; 220 million pesos for the preservation of road infrastructure with signage, street furniture, geometric optimization and pedestrian crossings; 4,876 million pesos for daily cleaning, preservation of parks and green areas, and removal of graffiti; 1,243 million pesos for an asphalt mix production plant; and 30 million pesos for the maintenance of 96 kilometers which includes 12 bicycle lanes.

“This means that we will have addressed practically the entire primary road network at the level of preventive and corrective conservation,” he commented.

For the “More and better mobility” axis, an investment of 275 million pesos came forward for the construction of two pedestrian bridges on Avenida Constitucionación; Connection gateway between cablebus Line 1 and Line 3 of the STC Metro in Indios Verdes; and maintenance of 61 pedestrian bridges. Additionally, he said, 245 million pesos for the maintenance of 45 vehicular bridges; Reinforcement of the vehicle access bridge to the Model Transfer Center (CITRAM) Tlahuac; and rescue of the Miguel Bernard vehicle bridge.

He mentioned that 240 million pesos will be allocated for the development of the Aztecas trolleybus line, which will run from Taskena to Perisur and have a length of 7.3 kilometers with 15 stations. He said that 150 million pesos will be invested for the maintenance of limited lanes of Metrobus Lines 1, 2, 5 and 6; 600 million pesos for the expansion of Line 12 of the STC Metro; 170 million pesos for the resurfacing of Line 9 of the STC Metro; 5,870 million pesos for the completion of the “El Insurgente” train; and 70 million pesos in complementary operations to CETRAM Indios Verdes.

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“Extension of Line 12. 600 million pesos have been allocated this year, with this the connection to Mixcoac, which they call ‘El Pantalone’; And the tunnel at the level of one of the stations we find anthropogenic fill, and this leads us to proceed with very rigorous construction processes and we will conclude this year those 90 meters and the entire tunnel and the entire connection to Mixcoac . For the observatory,” he explained.

The official said the “Cultural Capital of the World” axis, in collaboration with the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) and the Secretariat of Public Education (SEP), proposes to build a Living Museum of Muralism, which will be invested in the project. 290 million pesos.

While for the “Chapultepec Nature and Culture” project, he said, 1,311 million pesos will be allocated for the completion of Cablebus Line 3; National Cinematheque; National Arts Winery; and the streets of the fourth section of the forest, to connect to Avenida Constituciones.

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