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Dresses by celebrity designer Elie Saab were seized in São Paulo, this Tuesday (29). According to G1, the Federal Revenue retained 19 luxury dresses, four bags and a jacket brought to Brazil by the Lebanese, at São Paulo International Airport, in Guarulhos.

The design came from Paris to display the pieces at an event at a real estate development, this Wednesday (29), which will also feature a show by Seu Jorge. However, Saab disembarked with the parts, choosing not to declare the contents of the luggage. The goods were valued at US$ 82,000 and would only be released after payment of the amount.

Lawyer Fernando José da Costa, for Elie’s defense, stated that “such goods would not be taxable, since they will not remain in Brazil nor will they be sold”, on the grounds that no material would remain in the country, but used as decoration.

With a career spanning over 40 years, the designer is internationally recognized and has dressed big names such as Beyoncé, Halle Berry, Katy Perry, Emma Stone, Taylor Swift, Cara de Levingne, as well as former First Lady of the United States Melania Trump.

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Brazilian stylist beloved by celebrities exhibits paintings in Miami

Jay Boggo made his name in the fashion world with a more sensitive approach, which aims to make people of all shapes, genders and colors feel good about what they wear. Since then, the creative director of J.BOGGO+, who has in his list of admirers names like Reynaldo Gianecchini, Mateus Solano, Sophie Charlotte, Alok and Luís Miranda, has been letting his artistic side emerge, in order to break down the barriers imposed in your life.

From there came his passion for the visual arts, which resulted in four of his paintings reserved for exhibition at Art Basel Miami Beach, a fair that brings together the biggest names in international art, starting December 3, at The House, in Wynwood. These works emerged at a time of existential crisis and soon began to draw attention from people around Jay.

“During the beginning of the pandemic, Will, in addition to being a life partner, responsible for our online universe and the brand’s photographer, found my paintings behind the closet. He encouraged me and it happened. I showed the work on Instagram and people interested in buying began to appear. Until, in two years, I’m at Art Basel”, reflected the artist, whose inspiration is names like Anish Kapoor.

According to the stylist, who is the father of two children, the issues began to be resolved with therapy, based on an immersion in the past. “Until I got to my first social shame, which was a female child and I still blocked anything that art could reveal who I was,” explained Boggo. “Then one day I passed by a store that had art stuff. Instinctively, I bought some canvases and spent two months painting. There were many processes, a lot of pain, a lot. At that time, I had never shown it to anyone”, he recalled.

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