Champions Cup: Chivas and America, close to starting the battle

At the end of the first half, the National Classic participants argued and shoved before leaving the field of play.

Guadalajara–first part of national classic of Concacaf Champions Cup between Shivaj And America because it got too hot alan mojo And alvaro fidalgo They faced each other and came to blows as the whistle signaled the end of the 45 minutes.

waiter And fidalgo They collided on the touchline and continued to push as they headed to the tunnel to go to the locker room and take a break before the start of the second half. Allies of both elements intervened and participated in the beginning of the fighting.

As soon as the first half ended, both players faced each other and immediately elements from both clubs’ benches as well as those on the field came to try to calm things down, in most cases, but fidalgo He continued moving towards the tunnel in an annoying manner and waved his hands several times while following waiter,

even the goalkeeper luis angel malagon He came running from his goal to try to calm his teammate, as well as remove the red and white players who were pressuring the Azulcrema elements watching the fight.

Fighting occurred several times during the first half. the first was when jonathan dos santos made a tackle on Antonio Briseno, for which he was reprimanded, as he took a hard hit on the ‘chicken’ which was left lying on the playing field. At the moment, the complaints from the red and white players were angry about the Azulcrema midfielder.

Similarly, the central referee, Martínez said, reviewed a possible penalty in favor of Águilas, but in the end he did not mark the maximum penalty when it went in favor of penalties. VAR, Whistler admitted he had no involvement Jesus ‘Chicate’ Orozco In a cream-blue centre. Because of this, there was an argument between the players of both the clubs and they clashed with each other, although the problem did not escalate much.

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