Chivas vs America match summary (0-0). Completion 2024

Matchday 12 of the Clausura 2024 national classic ended without a goal on the Akron Stadium field, because Neither Chivas nor America could hurt themselves and they finished with a 0-0 draw.,

what was in third confrontation Between the two biggest teams in Liga MX points distributedHowever, both the pictures had their choices, but wisdom was not what was required. However, the result of the tie is not so good for both the teams It’s even less positive for Chivas,

With the debut of Javier Hernández, Fernando Gago’s team tried to surprise a packed Akron Stadium; This resulted in an even balance of 3 collisions.

In the third episode of the National Classic in the last 10 days, both teams already knew each other’s strengths and weaknesses, yet the US began to attack and Very Intensive with Julian Andres Quinones,

The naturalized Mexican appeared with 3 substitutes in the red and white field in the first 14 minutes, but he did not score in any of them.

The first was as early as the sixth minute when Diego Valdés received a long pass, let it pass and set up Quinones; Julian Andres took the ball, hit it down and Nice deflection by Raul RangelRed and white goalkeeper.

At 8′ there was a cross for Quinones which he could not reach and at 14′ Kevin Álvarez was able to do it well, but the Azulcrema attacking player headed towards the Chivas goal.

Club Guadalajara responded and on 24′, Javier Hernández got the ball back, made a surprise attempt and Luis Ángel Malagón deflected it in for a corner kick.

The US returned to their old ways and at 26′, Valdés hit them hard from distance, but very sideways.}

The best of Chivas Vs. America

The substitutions continued and at 33′ Cade Cowell took a shot on the rebound, which hit an American player in the head and on the same play. Roberto Alvarado got a headbutt However, no fines were imposed inside the area.

Before the break, Álvaro Fidalgo picked up the ball, entered the area and hit it, although his shot hit the crossbar. Henry Martin tried to counterattack, but was ruled offside in the 35th minute.

starting the plugin, chivas was better And Chicharito believed in the 46th minute with a long shot that went over the Azulcrema goal.

Quinones tried to score and on 55′ he played a ball that hit the body of Gilberto Sepúlveda and the Tour’s chance ended.

Sacred Flock’s most dangerous play was in the 60th minute when Cade Cowell received a long ball, he hit it hard and the ball went into the net, but out.

The Eagles pressed on and on the 66th minute Quinones entered the area, hit it with a header and again Raúl Rangel saved the ball from danger.

Gradually the duels became more heated and the scoring games became less There was no major threat in both goalsThe signing of a scoreless draw in the National Classic.

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