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The sexy haircut of the moment — Photo: @haileybieber

The “chunky bob” (“robust bob”, in literal translation), is a haircut of the time. The style is carefree and sexy at the same time, ideal to try in warm weather seasons. “This bob is defined by its voluminous ends,” explains British hairstylist Luke Hersheson, who says the look is increasingly popular at his salon. “It doesn’t look peaked (although it could be) and has a block weight at the ends. Often, it also stands out a little at the ends, which gives it a soft look.”

Hailey Bieber has recently converted to the style, but she is not the only famous person to bet on it. Celebrities like Kaia Gerber, Selena Gomez, Romy Schneider, Kelly McGillis and Christy Turlington, who still delivered excellent bobs in her career, have worn the cut over the years. Elizabeth Olsen and Jade Picon are other names that have bet on the look recently.

Chunky Bob haircut — Photo: @kaiagerber

“It tends to be one length, but the way we do it in the salon is to make the cut a little bit shorter around the face, just to help frame the contours,” explains Luke. “They are worn a little straighter than other bobs – avoid curling or too curling. This is a voluminous and heavy straight bob. It’s simple and more graphic than some other styles.”

How is the maintenance of the “chunky bob”

The style requires low maintenance and is easy to use. If cut correctly, it requires very little to stay beautiful. However, there are easy ways to change it if you wish, so it’s also versatile. As well as playing around with the placement of the part that part the hair at the root – thick bobs look great worn with a side parting and also parted in the center – try adding some movement to the mid-lengths and ends with texturizing spray or volumizing mousse. For an elegant finish, finish with a moisturizing oil.

See celebrities who have adopted the sexy bob haircut

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