Citizen exhibition projects a desert Santiago in 2030 due to the water crisis

  • The immersive booth located in Plaza de la Aviación seeks to raise awareness and drive a change in the way we relate to water in a scenario of deep drought. In it you can live a visual and auditory experience, transporting all the senses to the reality that the city could experience as a result of climate change.
  • The activation seeks to generate debate and reflection, as well as promote citizen commitment to face the water crisis, the worst in the last thousand years, according to the Ministry of the Environment.

Can you imagine how dry Santiago will be in 2030? There have been 14 years of drought in the Metropolitan Region, and the high temperatures and the lack of rain and snow have left Santiago in a scenario of profound water scarcity, the worst in the last thousand years, according to data from the Ministry of the Environment. The water crisis requires urgent solutions.

“Desert Santiago: a trip to 2030” is the initiative launched jointly by Aguas Andinas and the Municipality of Providencia, to commemorate a new version of World Water Day, this March 22. Thus, through the installation of an immersive cabin in the Plaza de la Aviación, located in the commune, the public was able to verify what Santiago would be like without water in just seven years, a scenario that would materialize -according to experts- if no action was taken determined to face the climate crisis.

According to a study carried out in 2023 by Aguas Andinas, projections indicate a decrease in the flows of the Maipo and Mapocho rivers in the coming decades. For the 2021-2030 period, the expected decreases would be between 9% and 12% depending on whether a moderate or pessimistic Climate Change scenario is considered, respectively; while for the decade from 2041 to 2050, these decreases increase reaching between 17% and 24%; all this, because the precipitations will continue to decrease and the temperature will increase.

“We have taken World Water Day because we want to generate a space for citizen reflection to promote the care of this resource that is increasingly scarce, which is everyone’s task. Collaborative work is fundamental and, for our part, we are making investments and looking for solutions, but also each one can contribute from their role. At Aguas Andinas, we have been working for more than a decade to have a more resilient city, increasing investment, building new infrastructure and focusing on the sustainable management of the basin; people can be a contribution from the change of habits focused on the sustainable use of this resource that is not infinite”assured the director of Clients of Aguas Andinas, Eugenio Rodríguez.

Meanwhile, the Municipality of Providencia, through Mayor Evelyn Matthei, reaffirmed its commitment to caring for water: “Water scarcity is not a crisis, it is an emergency, and we have to take action now. For this reason, in Providencia we began to adopt a series of measures to reduce water consumption when watering our green areas, such as the implementation of sustainable gardens, an ordinance that regulates irrigation hours, and the use of technologies to improve the irrigation of parks and squares. If we don’t become aware, really, the water is going to run out”.


Aguas Andinas recreated the city of Santiago to raise awareness among the community that plays Minecraft and the world in general, about the water cycle in the city and its responsible use. Through a virtual experience, it seeks to involve and educate children and young people regarding water care, increasing knowledge about large infrastructure works that allow facing the effects of climate change, such as Biofactories, wells, reservoirs, among others. .

Minecraft is a video game that does not have a specific goal, where exploration is essential. In it you can build and share worlds, thanks to which the community has grown enormously. Until March 2023, more than 238 million copies had been sold, currently being the best-selling video game in history.

The tour of the resilient city of Aguas Andinas takes place on a train from the El Yeso Reservoir to the Biofactories, passing through the corporate building of Aguas Andinas and other facilities. Here the player will be able to discover, in a scale Santiago, the great advances in infrastructure that the environmental services company has provided to the city and its inhabitants.

In order to get to know the “Resilient City of Aguas Andinas”, enter your Minecraft account, add the server by typing “” where it says IP Address and you will be in our world. We invite you to be part of this community and join as a relevant actor in the fight against water scarcity.


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