Commitment to AI boosts Microsoft’s valuation, but not Bing’s

The use of the search engine remains complimentary despite new artificial intelligence tools the company has integrated

About a year ago, Microsoft announced a $10 billion investment in OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT. maneuver caught by surprise The entire industry was forced to agree to both the figure and the terms, which guaranteed Microsoft half of all OpenAI profits until part of the investment was returned.

The value of the investment does not reflect the cash that Microsoft has poured into OpenAI – that figure is very small – but rather is an attribution of the company’s use of servers and data centers, which OpenAI Requirements To make your artificial intelligence tools work.

It is considered one of the great successes of management Satya Nadella At the head of Microsoft. In a year dominated by artificial intelligence, it was able to see the need to collaborate with OpenAI to get access to the most advanced tools before anyone else and stand out against Google, considered the best contender until that time.

Since then, the company’s valuation has skyrocketed more than 60%, Microsoft has also recently overtaken Apple in market capitalization. The deal also completely changes the strategy of Windows, Office, and the company’s search engine, Bing, which now offers many of the artificial intelligence tools included within the Copilot brand.

But if the results are assessed then artificial intelligence Microsoft isn’t getting what it wants, These new tools have not increased interest in using the Bing search engine.

According to the latest data from StatCounter, which analyzes traffic on various search engines on the Internet, the market share of Bing reached only 3.4% In December, before the deal was announced and Microsoft introduced new search features, there was an increase of less than one percent from the beginning of the year. With over 90% market share, no one seems to be able to displace Google.

Bing Chat, now known as Copilot, was announced as a new way to search the web shortly after the investment closed. Instead of getting a list of results, as is the case with most search engines, thanks to artificial intelligence Bing is able to Summarize the results of multiple websites in a single text.

The entire interface is based on natural language interactions through which results can be refined. If you’re wondering “what can I do during a three-day trip to Athens”, Bing via Copilot can make a suggestion complete itinerary Using information from different websites as references instead of just showing links.

This new method of discovery aroused great interest when it was announced and even forced Google Implementing a similar system using its own technology, which is still in the testing phase, but judging by the results, Internet users prefer to continue searching in the traditional way. at least for now.


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