COMPANY / Mattel and Minecraft Collaborate to Create New Minecraft Creator Series Camp Enderwood DLC Line Map and Toy

Mattel and Minecraft Collaborate to Create New Minecraft Creator Series Camp Enderwood DLC Line Map and Toy

The DLC map launches today, and some toys are already available

Mattel, Inc. and Minecraft today announce the new line of Minecraft Creator Series Camp Enderwood DLC (downloadable content). Through new characters and a fresh gameplay experience, Camp Enderwood is a digital destination developed in collaboration between Mattel, Minecraft and Cyclone Designs, with a new downloadable map filled with unique mini-games, available for free in Minecraft.

Visitors to Camp Enderwood will be able to do activities like marshmallow toasting, crafting, horseback riding, archery, trampoline, dancing, and even participate in the Glamper scavenger hunt. With loads of fun and fantastic surprises, Minecraft Creator Series Camp Enderwood will become the dream destination for players where they can experience unique adventures.

The launch of Camp Enderwood coincides with Mattel’s launch of the Creator Series line of toys based on the characters, accessories, and stories of the new map. Action figure packs offer exclusive accessories that can be unlocked in-game through redeemable codes included in all products in the line.

In both the physical and digital worlds, Minecraft fans will be able to explore Camp Enderwood with fan-favorite characters like the Jock, Rock Star, Artisan Woman, Gamer, Intrepid Adventurer, Mothman or the Yeti. The first half of the Camp Enderwood characters will go on sale both in stores and online this spring, while the rest will be available starting in the summer.

“Mattel is committed to providing fans of our iconic brands with new channels to enjoy their favorite characters and stories,” said PJ Lewis, Global Head of Action Figures at Mattel. “In collaboration with Minecraft, we’re excited to make new connections between the physical and digital worlds. Camp Enderwood is where those amazing stories come to life, and we’re looking forward to sharing it with Minecraft fans.”

The Camp Enderwood gameplay experience celebrates player self-expression in the context of aspirational activities true to Minecraft. This new product offering allows fans to recreate the essence of their favorite characters, bringing them to life as toys. The selection of figures represents a huge variety of costume styles, skin tones, and gender expressions in keeping with the diversity and inclusion already present in the Minecraft community.

“We are proud to collaborate with Mattel to bring Camp Enderwood to life,” says Federico San Martín, Director of Consumer Products for Minecraft. “Minecraft is focused on bringing thoughtful experiences to our community through fun and novel activities. We believe the cast of characters within the toy line and DLC reflects the diverse and inclusive Minecraft community.”

Accessory parts can be interchanged between Camp Enderwood action figures and are also available for free digitally in the Minecraft character creator. Players can bring inspiration from their toys to the game, recreating their favorite products in Minecraft and vice versa.

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