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It’s been a while since we’ve had a good in-game concert that gave us a break from Battle Royale matches. It’s time for the party to start again. Fortnite will soon have a collaboration with The Kid LAROI, whom you surely know from the success STAYin the form of a virtual concert on the new island ‘Wild Dreams’ and cosmetics that include the outfit or ‘skin’ of this Australian singer.

The event and its date were announced with a curious video in which the two personalities of the artist “face off”.

When does The Kid LAROI event start and on what date does it end in Fortnite?

We will be able to access the island Wild dreams of The Kid LAROI between 6:00 pm on Friday, January 27 and 5:00 pm on Thursday, April 27, 2023 (Colombia, Peru and Ecuador time).

The adventure on this island consists of a journey through the musical history of this singer, including three unpublished songs and his new hit love again.

Wild Dreams of The Kid LAROI missions and rewards in Fortnite

While we are on the island and its ‘afterparty’ we can complete special missions to get PE and special cosmetics from the artist. Among these are:

  • room music love again
  • room music thousands of thousands
  • Charging screen LAROI and The Rogue
  • Aerosol LAROI was here
  • Aerosol LAROI signature

Quests will be available from the start of the event until the end of the event. Friday February 3 at 6:00 pm

How to access the Island concert Wild Dreams of The Kid LAROI in Fortnite?

We have several options:

  • Select the box Wild Dreams of The Kid LAROI or his after party on the Discover screen.
  • Use the island code 2601-0606-9081 or the 4294-0410-6136 for him after party

Both islands were designed by Alliance Studios, Team Atomic and TheBoyDilly.

Outfit (‘skin’) and cosmetics in the shop

We can find the following items in the store for a limited time starting at 7:00 pm on Thursday, January 26, 2023.

  • Attire or ‘skin’ The Kid LAROI. Includes the style Electrifiedand the retro backpack Get My Bag with two own styles.
  • Attire or ‘skin’ The Rogue LAROI. Includes the style Electrifiedthe vintage backpack Y tragic saber peak and the role Improvisation by LAROI.
  • Gesture stay afloat
  • King Heart Gesture
  • room music stay

The latter can be purchased independently or in the bundle LAROI party which also includes the wild dreams loading screen.

The Kid LAROI Cup

You can win The Kid LAROI Outfit (with Get My Bag Back Bling) and The Rogue LAROI Outfit (with Tragic Saber Back Bling/Pickaxe) before they hit the store by participating in a special cup of Cero construction in duo on January 24, 2023.

Players will be able to compete in up to 10 matches within the approximately three hour window of their region. Check the ‘Compete’ tab on the day of the cup to find out what time it starts. They will earn points according to their position in each match and the eliminations achieved. If they get at least eight points, they will be able to unlock the LAROI banner icon and the emoticon Smile LAROI.

We are going to know the outfit or skin, cosmetics and events of the collaboration of The Kid LAROI with Fortnite and the concert on the island Wild Dreams.

To participate, you must have two-factor authentication enabled on your Epic account and you must be level 15 or higher. Do not forget to review the official regulations of The Kid LAROI Cup.

This is not the first collaboration of this singer with a video game. The song of he Stay is also in Just Dance 2023 Edition.

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