Consumer goes to McDonald’s and finds out: “Bad Bunny” is lying

  • The brand value of McDonald’s is estimated at 191 billion; Statistician.

  • 81% of marketing professionals consider content a fundamental business strategy; Content Marketing Institute.

  • McDonald’s has more than 40 thousand restaurants around the world.

buy in a store fast food It’s a fun activity: it’s practical, comfortable, friendly and accessible all over the world where tourists flock. Moreover, for millions of people it is already a common and extremely minor activity. But the way this consumer approaches McDonald’s to buy that Bad Bunny is quite creative.

When talking about the world’s largest fast food chain, McDonald’s, it’s impossible to ignore the numbers. It is present in 119 countries with a total of 40 thousand open restaurants. Moreover, according to the data shared by the company, the number of McDonald’s has increased by more than 3 thousand locations in the last six years.

But what has been added to the companies’ sales channel is that consumers are looking for simpler ways to develop content; In fact, 40 percent of health care professionals b2b marketing They have a documented content strategy, while 81 percent of the least effective companies lack a content strategy. Marketing Content that is effective and well-recorded; compared to 64 percent who are most effective; According to the Content Marketing Institute.

Why does Bad Bunny lie?

This is all because a Tik Tok audio with a song recently surfaced featuring Bad Bunny’s voice repeating the phrase “They don’t sell donuts at McDonald’s.” This became possible due to the work of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which allows you to listen to songs by different artists, other celebrities or some songs created by users. Moreover, new tunes have also been composed with the voices of these singers as the application manages to combine the audio of their real voices to create a harmony that sounds quite original.

The same happens with Bad Bunny, however, the melody is not originally from the Puerto Rican artist, but from a user named “Don Polo” on Tik Tok. Well, in one of his videos where he shares moments from his personal life, he expressed his displeasure that the restaurant chain does not sell donuts.

Due to his strange way of expressing his irritation and excitement about buying a donut, as if he were singing a song, various users made the video go viral and this led to one of them renaming the audio as Bad Bunny’s voice. Added together.


We are living in deception #McDonald’s #BadBunnyPR

, Original Sound – Furchisferchis

But that’s not entirely true, or it’s partly true, because at some point in McDonald’s history, they sold donuts and Krispy Kreme. These can be purchased at nine McDonald’s restaurants in the Louisville, Kentucky area of ​​the United States. It was possible to purchase original flavors from the brand and was also a way McDonald’s was increasing its sales.

It should be noted that this ‘pilot’ option for donuts was for a limited time in specific regions of the North American country. Additionally, it is owned by Krispy Kreme Inc. His job was to assess the market and figure out how it was possible to make a profit on some of the bakery items from the operation of his hamburger restaurant.

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