Coscu confirms his return to the professional LOL scene

coscu, one of the most relevant streamers in the Argentine esports scene, confirmed his return. This return to the video game that made it known in its early days was announced on social networks with great surprise.

The content creator be part of Undead BKwho will participate in the renewed edition of the Master Flow Leaguethe Argentine contest of League of Legends in charge of the Argentine Professional Video Game League (MEDIAPRO GROUP) Y Flow which grants the opportunity to ascend to the largest Latin American league (LLA).

The players who will represent the team are already confirmed. They are:

Top: Franco “FZX” Mare
Jungle: Santiago “XypherZ” De Len
Mid: Federico “zEK0” Crystalline
ADC: Laureano Damian “Uxie” Frias
Support: Martin “Coscu” Perez Di Salvo
Alternate: Lucas Ezequiel “Proto” Ortiz
Coach: Polished “Kure” bushes

The contest that begins on Thursday, January 19, 2023 will have its regular phase until Thursday, February 23. The matches will be played every Thursday and Friday and can be seen live on the official channels of twitch Y Youtube of the LVP

11 teams will face each other in this first phase of the tournament that will have a best-of-one format until the six best teams that will enter the playoffs remain.

Undead BK’s debut in the League of Legends Master Flow League will take place this Thursday, January 19, 2023 from 6:00 p.m. (Argentine time) against River Plate Gaming, on the first date of the new competition season.

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