Coscu: “My identity makes me an improviser, I make content with what they give me”

He was born in La Plata, to be more precise in the city of Tolosa. His name is Martín Pérez Disalvo and he is famous as a presenter, gamer, streamer and singer. He is known as Coscu and everyone wants to be part of his world or win one of his prizes.

“What were you like as a boy?”

—Basically good, friendly, companion and friendly, outgoing and daring, although shy about some things. Dreamer, optimist and fundamentally very happy.

—And at school, applied or spicy?

-60% applied and 40% spicy. I never had problems at school due to behavior, my parents instilled in me that I was a good student, and although I had fun with my classmates and played soccer at recess like all the boys, I never played the “rat”, that stage of my life I felt that I had to try to learn from good teachers, it happened to me with a philosophy professor, who made me so interested in the subject that he made me want to study the subject and continue with it. He wasn’t a great scholar but he paid attention in class, I was doing well, and that meant that I didn’t take subjects and took advantage of all the vacations.

Coscu: His nature is to improvise, he would like to be more organized

He is the leader and founder of the Coscu Army, which is a community of esports players and streamers from Argentina. From the success in this matter, he creates the Coscu Awards, which basically rewards the most important Twitch players and users of the year. The awards ceremony was an absolute success and the 2020 broadcast was a record. 425,000 spectators turned on the stream and the event was held at the Obras Sanitarias stadium.

—How does streaming come into your life?

—From the separation of my parents, I was studying computer science and I began to look for new friends, in the university there were more people who played with the computer than football, there I began to play and I met Lautaro who insisted that he had what to shake The reality is that I liked to attract the attention of my colleagues. When I understood what was happening in each stream I did and that the number of people who watched me was growing, I definitely took this path. One realizes that a path is his when he does it and he enjoys it a lot. He goes to sleep and thinks that he wants to do it again and how to improve it and this became my only goal: to grow. I knew that good things were going to happen, people told me so, and I was sure that it was going to come to fruition. The truth is, I never lied to the people who saw me, I always told my life as it was and that made many boys find similarities in their lives, that led me to a much higher level of exposure.

We chatted with Martín Pérez Disalvo, a pioneer in content creation and streaming from Argentina

On his Twitch channel he had the collaboration of many emerging artists such as duki, Wos, ecko among others. Some credit him with having popularized neologisms that became part of the daily vocabulary of adolescents in Latin America. For Coscu, success did not come alone, and in 2016 he became Nike’s ambassador in Argentina. That same year, the Coscu Army managed to become a professional esports team and were champions of the Argentine National Circuit of League of Legends.

—Tell me about the origins of streaming house.

—I wanted things to turn out better and better and although at the beginning I was alone, various characters came, including momo and frankkaster, with them we began to think about it, they were both very close to me. At that time, Momo didn’t have such a complete idea of ​​where we were going, but Frankkaster was well focused and we were going to the same place. With Frankkaster we went on and they joined us ZZk and The Chilean (Belén Cabezas), we started with them, and everything went on. I was very much in love with La Chilena through networks and one day she came to live in Buenos Aires to see me, to meet me and she stayed. There we developed a streaming house in City Bell and then we moved to the first real streaming house that was in Nordelta. A big house, a total quality leap for the Latin American and Argentine scene, I think the first with quality streamers.

In 2020 he was the presenter of the Battle of Roosters in Argentina, and, months later, he entered the Olympus of the most influential people in our country, sharing that qualification with politicians, Messi and Tini Stoessel.

—What makes you different from the rest?

—I don’t know if I’m different from the others, I think I’m authentic, sincere, I don’t sell smoke, or something I’m not, there are people like that but they’re hard to find. What I did well is to realize that Twitch existed before the others, I don’t know if I have as much merit as a content creator, but as a visionary because 11 years ago I tried something that no one else tried and it turned out well. I hardly plan anything, I love the idea of ​​improvising, I should think about the possibility of planning more content, My identity makes me fundamentally an improviser, I make content in the moment with whatever I’m given and I want to keep it that way..

In recent days, the networks have been revolutionized with the announcement that Coscu will be the Argentine representative in the third edition of the Evening of the year. Under the leadership of Ibai Llanos, various content creators will face each other in a series of boxing matches. The match is scheduled for July 1 at the Atlético de Madrid stadium, and the opponent is nothing more and nothing less than German Garmendia (Hi I am German.).

—How do you prepare for the fight with Garmendia?

—Training fully, they are going to meet another version of me, they can’t imagine how I am when I set a goal, I plan to win that fight, it’s hard but I feel like I can win. Obvious technical fault but in the physical part I’m fine. I have to put my energy into training and learning, in between I’m going to generate content, it’s the idea of ​​the evening.

-How do you see yourself in 10 years?

—I don’t know, out there with a house, more organized, with a family. I think these new generations are teaching us that there is no age at all, there are no rules.

2 years ago, in the midst of a work whirlwind, Messi invited him to a dinner where he said goodbye to Barcelona (he was traveling to play for Paris Saint Germaine), and which was also attended by Kun Agüero. When the renowned Spanish streamer Ibai Llanos interviewed Lionel, he told him as a joke that the dinner was because Coscu was going back to Argentina. we have one sentence left “I would like to be more organized with the content but I am this, an improvisor”.

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