Counter Strike: 9z Team confirmed the return of Try with an emotional video

Santiago Rigal aka Try is once again a player in the 9z Counter Strike squad, after representing 00Nation for a year. More info, here!

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The wunderkind is back! The Argentine organization 9z team posted a video on social media to announce what his fans they waited so long: the return of try. The young man awper from 18 years will complete his second cycle with the violet after finalizing an exchange with 00Nation for nqzwho will play again Counter Strike on Brazilian soil.

During what was the first week of 2023the world of CS:GO South American was revolutionized after it emerged through Twitter the rumor of a possible return of Santiago Rigal, alias try, to the team that saw him born professionally. Now, the speculations came to an end.

As well explained 9z Through an emotional video, the paths of the violet Y try went their separate ways a year ago, at which time the awper announced that he would take his talent to Brazil to defend the shirt of 00Nation.

For now, this second stage seems to have renewed airs and, mainly, a greater amount of experience on both sides. In what were the powers of 2022, 9z achieved two historical classifications for the region when measured against the best organizations of Counter Strike in the Majors from Antwerp and Rio de Janeiro. At the same time, try also participated in the tournament that as it was based in the territory carioca.

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I came back home”were the words he chose try after the announcement. On the other hand, Lucas Soaresnqz” shared through a twitlonger gratitude to his colleagues, staff, fans Y frankkasterthe CEO and founder of 9zwhom he described as “one of the purest and most amazing people I have ever met”. In addition, the Brazilian from 17 years was featured in 00Nationdespite the fact that it was also probed by flux.

Finally, the only issue that would keep the followers of the violet is the future of your coach, Raphael Fernandes better known around the world as zakk. The coach was a key piece for the achievements of 9z in Counter Strike but the link that united him ended at the end of 2022. Although he did not close the door on a possible renewal, he himself zakk He proved to be willing to listen to different proposals, so we will only have to wait for more news.

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