Counter-Strike: GO player pays $160,000 for an AK47 skin, and collectors are offering him $400,000 for it

Although many find them as worthless digital objects, since they are just cosmetics that do not help their owners’ performance at all, skins in certain games like CS:GO can be very valuable and can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. All this thanks to the rarity of each of them and that they can also be sold in community markets inside and outside these titles.

And thanks to a report by Kotaku, it has been reported that a Chinese player has bought an AK-47 skin for an impressive value of $160,000 dollars, a transaction that was carried out on the Chinese platform Buff, which is dedicated to buying and selling skins, virtual objects highly coveted by fans of the game.

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The skin purchased by the player is called Wild Lotus and is highly valued by the CS:GO community for two main reasons. First of all, it has four very valuable stickers that make it even more desirable for collectors. Second, the rarity of this Wild Lotus skin, fresh out of Valve’s system, makes it a collector’s item that no one else has.

An immense amount of money paid for a skin, using the exchange of the North American currency in our region as an example, is enough to buy a house or an apartment in a residential area in some Latin American countries.

The combination is so exceptionally rare that reputable Counter-Strike: Global Offensive collectors are keen to purchase it – in fact, last we knew, the seller had already received offers close to 400,000 dollars. However, he has decided to wait with the intention of making an even bigger profit.

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