Counter Strike: NaVi, Heroic and Astralis prevailed in the Play-In and qualified for the BLAST Spring Final 2023

Over the weekend competitive Counter Strike defined its first major tournament of 2023 with BLAST Spring Groups. More info, here!

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After what was the direct classification towards the BLAST Spring Finals 2023 to Team Vitality, FaZe Clan and G2 Esportsthe closing of the last week of January brought us the play-in. In these were awarded 3 slots remaining for what will be the next competition of Counter Strike who will organize BLAST in the month of june.

This definition had a system of two rounds to the best of 3 maps (Bo3) among the teams that failed to prevail through the Group stage initial. For now, they were Natus Vincere, Astralis and Heroic who claimed their ticket for the Spring Finals 2023 through the following path.

counter strike

Initially, heroic had reached the end of Group Ainstance where he fell against the French organization of Team Vitality. Despite this, the runners-up of the Rio 2022 Major they took advantage of the benefit granted BLAST to allow the finalists of the Group stage to access directly from the round 2.

It was here when heroic met with BIG and behind a 2 to 1 (Vertigo: 16-3, Ancient: 12-16 and Inferno: 16-10), the Scandinavians secured their place. At the same time, Astralis It was the next one, although with a longer journey. The historical organization of Counter Strike battled from the round 1 vs. Ninjas in Pajamas with victory 2 to 1 on the maps of Overpass, Mirage and Ancient (11-16, 16-7 and 16-10respectively).

counter strike

Later in the defining round, Astralis played in front of og in a very tight series that was defined by details. The final result gave victory to those founded in 2016 with the following partials: 14-16 in hell, 16-14 in the map Vertigo Y Ancient was taken to overtime to end 19-17 thanks to an enormous performance by the duo of dev1ce Y blameFwho registered 73 and 76 kills.

Finally, we have to review the performance of NaVi in it play-in of the BLAST Spring Groups 2023. The Ukrainian team did not have an easy series against complexity given that at each map point he achieved Natus Vincere they had to play 30 rounds classics of Counter Strike.

For its part, the team led by the legend Sasha Kostylevalias s1mple, managed to be the winner after winning 2 to 1 first in Anubis for 16-14stumble on hell 11-16 and finally prevail again 16-14 in over pass. As final balance, BLAST Spring Groups left us to Team Vitality, FaZe and G2 as first classified and winners of 2400 points for him ranking BLAST together with the sum of $27,500 for each one.

In addition, Heroic, Astralis and NaVi they will also be in BLAST Spring Finals 2023 competition of Counter Strike that will be played in Washington D.C., USA, of June 7 to 11. To end, zywoo of Team Vitality was chosen as MVP of the tournament by popular vote.

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