Counter-Strike Source 2: all the details of the game

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive It is still one of the most played video games despite having been released almost 11 years ago. Even with titles that emulate his formula like Valorant With a strong presence and acceptance from the public, both its player base and its competitive scene remain quite strong. As if that were not enough, a plethora of rumors and reports have revealed that the title would finally get a big update with its move to Source 2.

This graphics engine authored by Valve was released in 2014 and practically all the most recent video games of the company such as Dota 2, Artifact, Dota Underlords and Half Life: Alyx They have been using it for years. The popular CS:GO He is the only one who has resisted this change, but everything seems to indicate that the moment would also come soon. This is all that is known about what many have already dubbed as “Counter-Strike 2”.

The biggest update in CS:GO history

The rumors about the version Source 2 of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive began when various users found executable files of CS:GO 2 in a driver update NVIDIA. Although the game has been updated little by little over the years since it launched in 2012, these have not meant a radical change to the core of the game or its visual appearance and have been occupied with fixing bugs and errors and balancing weapons to make the experience more balanced.

However, with the move to Source 2it is suggested that the new version of Counter-Strike It will feature 128 tick servers and an improved matchmaking system. Of course, the skins, knives, stickers and other cosmetic elements of the video game will not disappear and can continue to be used in this game. CS:GO 2 No problem. What’s more, the engine will allow users to create more complex layouts for these objects than is currently possible.

When will CS:GO Source 2 be released?

Reports indicate that the release date of the update that will lead to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to graphics engine Source 2 It will be given this same month, March 2023, and that it will first be given with a Beta. Nevertheless, Valve has not yet confirmed that it is working on this new version. For now, it’s important to take all this information with a grain of salt until the company officially reveals its existence.

It is quite likely that the update will be free downloadable content that will be distributed to any user who wishes to participate in the testing phase of CS:GO 2. Some other reports mention that the “Global Offensive” could disappear from the name of the game and that the factions “Terrorist” and “Counterterrorist” would also be changed to avoid controversy due to the current situation.

For the moment, all this remains in the realm of rumor and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive It is still the version that still has a strong presence in the esports industry despite having been on the market for more than a decade.

About Counter-Strike

Counter Strike It was born as a mod for the Half-Life video game and was officially released in 1999.

Several games in the series were released, such as Condition Zero, Source and, of course, global offensivewhich came on the market in 2012.

This latest title has reached a player peak just a few days ago, with 1,376,119 players connected at the same time.

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