Counter-Strike will have a new sequel

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More than a decade after the release of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valve is preparing to return to the ring with a new installment of its most popular shooter. According to the journalist from esports Richard LewisGabe Newell’s company has been working on a sequel to CS: GO for some time, and it may be closer than we think.

We’ve been hearing rumors about a possible sequel to Global Offensive for years. What if NVIDIA had introduced executables of a supposed counter strike 2 in your code, that if the accounts officers from CS:GO had changed their banners… pbut just as it has always happened with the cacaered Half Life 3we never received official confirmation of the project. However, it ishe rumors seem to have finally struck a bone.

According to Lewis, several of his sources have confirmed to him not only that counter strike 2 will be announced very soon, but we could see a beta before the end of the month. In fact, Valve appears to have recently arranged in seattle a session with professional players so they could try the shooter and give your feedback to the company before launching the beta.

“The big priority is to get the game out and then polish it, fix any bugs, and bring it up to the level people expect from CS,” stated one from Lewis sources.

What changes can we expect in this new Counter-Strike? Well, first of all, endless graphic improvements thanks to Source 2, the latest version of the graphics engine by Valve. According to Lewis, will also introduce a new server system for reduce latency and improve online gameplay, as well as Changes to the matchmaking system.

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