Countries with the lowest levels of mental well-being in the world

American organization Sapien Labs Recently a report was published on the state of mental health in the world.

In this, a list of countries with the lowest levels of mental well-being among the population around the world was made.

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According to Sapien Labs, Mental Health Quotient (MHQ) Assesses a person’s lifetime cognitive and emotional abilities, providing an overall metric of mental well-being.

The list shows which countries have the highest levels of this index Dominican Republic (91), Sri Lanka (89) and tanzania (88).

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At the Latin American level, the results of panama (85), Venezuela and El Salvador (83), Costa Rica and Uruguay (81); And puerto rico and honduras (80). Colombia As it did, achieved an index of 77 peru,

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In contrast, the countries that had the lowest results Uzbekistan (48), United Kingdom (49) and South Africa (fifty).

,Mental health remained at a low level following the pandemic, with no signs of returning to pre-pandemic levels. In 2023, both at the global level and at the level of individual countries, MHQ scores remained largely unchanged from 2021 and 2022, after a sharp decline during the pandemic years.” Sapien Labs said in its findings.

Additionally, the study shows that younger generations, especially those under 35, suffered the greatest decline in mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic. While those above 65 years of age remained the same,


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