CRACK Awards: a recognition for the world of eSports

After another year in which esports demonstrated spectacular growth, The CRACK Awards recognized the most outstanding teams, organizations and personalities in this world. Events such as the Argentina Game Show, the Valorant and Counter Strike World Cup, the Flow Gamergy, among others, are clear examples of how far eSports have come.

Although streaming and gaming are not exactly the same, they are two worlds that coexist, constantly feeding each other. That is why Streaming exponents in Argentina were part of yesterday’s ceremony, in which they delivered and even received prizes: Coscu, Momo Benavides and davoo xeneize They were part of the 2022 CRACK Awards.


Among the most significant personalities for the scene were Frankkaster and K1ng, two of the greatest figures in electronic sports. The CEO of 9z, who along with his team was nominated for different shortlists, stated: “It is showing that the scene grows year by year.”


As a special guest, someone who knows the gaming world very well, but who rose to fame thanks to Big Brother House. Agustin Guardis, known as Frodowas one of the most mediatic and controversial “little brothers”. I confess a fan of streaming and eSportsis today in the ranks of Leviatán, the most awarded team of the CRACK Awards.

Frodo GH

PEEK Latam won the award for Best Recurring Audiovisual Production, thanks to the Full Buy programdedicated of course to the eSports scene, which includes the driving of Guillermo Areco “Guishorro”, Rew4z and Lucas Benaim.

CRACK Awards: a recognition for the world of eSports

As for the awards, 2022 gave a lot to talk about. The Awards had a special section called ‘milestones’, where they mentioned and recognized the work of the teams and/or players who made history last year. Leviathan, reached 7th place in the Valorant Champions, played in Turkey. The Argentine Matías Delipetro, known as “Saadhak”, was the champion of said competition, with Loud, a Brazilian team that reached the maximum achievement of Valorant in 2022. Finally, Isurus, was recognized for being the first and only team in the history of Argentina to qualify for the League of Legends Worldswhere Faker and the feared T1 competed.

How one of the most special moments of the night, Ibai Llanos, the most watched streamer in history, was awarded as the International Personality of eSports. Let’s remember that Ibai, although he has fantastic numbers on his channel and in the Kings League with Porcinos FC, manages his own electronic sports team: KOI. As a thank you, The Spaniard sent his greetings to the Awards gala:

These are all the main award categories and their respective winners:

  • CRACK of the Year: 9z team (CS:GO)

  • Bonus Crack: Coscu

  • Path: Gonzalo Garcia (Furious Gaming)

  • eSport Organization of the Year: Leviathan

  • In-person Event: Argentina Game Show

  • eSport Squad of the Year: Leviathan (Valorant)

  • Audiovisual Production of the Year: “Sueño Violeta” by 9z

  • Best eSport Content Creator: Forg1 (Windingo)

  • Broadcast of the Year: Valorant Champions

  • Best Battle Royale Player: K1ng (FaZe Clan)

  • Best CS:GO Player: Luken (9z)

  • Best League of Legends Player: Josedeodo (Estral)

  • Best Valorant Player: Saadhak (Loud)

  • Best FIFA Player: Nicolás Villalba (Guild eSports)

PEEK Latam: we are the community that has always been in streaming.

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