Crisis on Parranda beer: producers withdraw several batches from the market in Cuba

joint venture Cervecería Cubana SA, which produces Cuban Beer Parranda reported that several batches of the product were spoiledThis is why he is removing them from the island market.

According to a report by the company, which has been disclosed on its social networks, The beverage’s spoilage was caused “by inadequate storage conditions.”Despite the fact that under favorable conditions the shelf life of this beer is half a year.

The note did not specify how much of the product decomposed or whether it was distributed despite inadequate storage. However, it clarifies that the factory “recognizes and regrets the inconvenience caused by the extraordinary situation and announces that they have withdrawn the affected batches from the market across the country and will continue to do so if necessary.” “

Cubans could complain about bad beerSince Cerveceria Cubana admitted that “they provided personal attention to each consumer who contacted them through official channels to comment on the situation, and replaced the affected bottles with fresh product.”

Similarly, Cervecería Cubana SA called on Parranda consumers to contact them using messenger “if they feel any discomfort with the product”, so that they can receive “adequate and timely feedback”.

Furthermore, the entity clarified that The current reduction in drink prices is “not related to the latest problems they faced”.But with a desire to “be the most accessible and popular beer in the country”.

However, many people complained about the poor quality of the drink on the company’s own Facebook wall. “This happened to me with two large blister packs. 12 beers were spoiled. I bought them in December, they were in bad condition, we had to throw them away and money was spent in vain, and it hurts, ” Mirela said. Gonzalez.

For her part, Tatiana Jimenez said something similar: “In December I bought big ones at the store and they were vinegar flavored. I have always taken it. “It’s a shame that things like that happen, because they’re often expensive and I like them a lot.”

Eduardo Torriente said: “Yes, I have had bad experiences. When that beer arrived, it was very good, special. We bought 18 bottles at 2.95 mlc, which was its starting price. On December 24th we purchased six knobs and it was truly a disaster: no foam. The cashier on the Cuban island told me: ‘I don’t know what happened to La Parranda, even the pipe beer is no worse than this. Well, my refrigerator still has two knobs, because I don’t know how I’m going to move it.”

Cervecería Cubana S.A. is a joint venture between Cuba Ron S.A. Corporation and Swinkels Family Brewers Spain S.L., a Spanish subsidiary of the group of the same name based in Holland. Its plant is located in the Mariel Special Development Zone.

Parranda, launched in 2022 after the gradual disappearance of the much-loved Cristal and Bucanero from the Cuban marketA drink with a clear composition with 4.8% alcohol, which, unlike most similar foreign drinks sold in Cuba, is packaged in polyethylene bottles.

Beer, one of the favorite drinks of Cubans, has become a rare and inaccessible product for most of the island.


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