CSGO: Player buys AK-47 skin for 160 thousand dollars

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive maintains one of the strongest player communities in gaming and, as is often the case with these multiplayer titles, they spare no expense when it comes to obtaining the rarest and most coveted cosmetic items. A few days ago, one of the most valuable skins in this game was sold for nothing more and nothing less than 160 thousand dollars, an exorbitant figure even by the standards of these digital elements.

As reported by the portal Kotakua Chinese player acquired a skin from AK-47 for 1,095,000 yuan -about US$160,000 in exchange- through the platform buffdedicated to the purchase and sale of cosmetic objects from various video games such as CS:GO, dota 2 and others. even after Valve imposed temporary limits on the frequency with which players can exchange said skins, the trade of digital items continues to generate figures such as the one mentioned above.

A CS:GO skin valued at US$160 thousand

The skin sold in particular is a Wild Lotus and it owes its high price to two specific reasons. First of all, it has four very valuable stickers that cost more than the skin itself, which increases its rarity compared to other items of the same type. Besides this, this AK-47 it has “factory new” quality and a rating of 25 in the Float ranking, which also counts towards giving it collectible value.

With the impressive amount of money paid for this Wild Lotus for AK-47 of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the player could have bought a house or an apartment in a residential area in a Latin American country or even in the United States. As mentioned in the report, ordinary Wild Lotus skins sell for a few thousand dollars.

The lucrative CS:GO item trade

Of course, this will not be the first or the last time that a player from CS:GO pay an exorbitant price for a video game skin and, in fact, the previous case is far from being the one that has moved the most money in the history of this title. Last year, a user offered nearly $1.3 million for a “Karambit | Case Hardened” with blue gem design. However, its owner rejected the offer because “the offer was low.”

While the amount paid for Wild Lotus may seem exaggerated to many, connoisseurs of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and its economy indicated that the sale was made at a reasonable price due to the sum of the values ​​of the stickers added to the skin. “The ‘Wild Lotus’ retains a [porcentaje] of insane stickers and this one is right up there with the most desired AKs in the game,” said one collector.

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