CS:GO: This will be the new format of the RMR Americas

The RMR of Americas will start soon and at CodigoEsports we will tell you about the small change in format compared to its previous edition.

In the next few days, the classification for the CS:GO Major will begin to be defined and Argentina will be represented by BESTIA Corp. RMR of Americas will be disputed from April 6 to 9 and in this edition will have a small but important change in its format. Here at CodigoEsports we tell you what it is about and we explain how the tournament will be played.

Recently, the shooter from Valve is on everyone’s lips due to the arrival of the Counter-Strike 2 beta. In addition, PGL Esports confirmed that it will organize the first Major of this game, which will take place in Denmark during 2024. However, still There’s plenty of action to be had at the BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023, the last to be held in CS:GO. In the coming weeks, the RMR will be carried out to be defined by the participants and The one in the Americas will have a change in its format compared to previous editions. This is because the region has only 5 slots for this tournament on French soil, one less than in the IEM Río Major.

The Americas RMR will have, as usual, a Swiss format among the 16 participants. Usually, this system classifies the teams that get 3 victories and eliminates those that lose 3 times. Nevertheless, the decrease in quotas made this change and now the teams that lose two games will be eliminated. On the other hand, the matches that define the elimination or classification of a team will continue to be the best of 3, while the rest will be played to the best of 1. Finally, the seed in the Legends Stage will be decided in a tiebreaker between the two teams that make it 3-0.

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Definitely, the new RMR Americas format now gives teams less room for error, so the first round will be key to qualifying. Next April 9 we will meet the 5 teams from the region that will go to Paris and BESTIA Corp will try to be one of them.

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