Cuban killed his mother in the city of Mayabeque

CubitaNOW Editorial ~Friday 15 March 2024

In a town in Guinea, pain overwhelms a family after the tragic end of a fight. A young man allegedly killed his mother accidentally.

Content creator Niover Licia details the incident that took place in Loma de la Candela in the aforementioned municipality in the province of Mayabeque.

Lisia, who said he was looking for more information to clarify the names of those involved, warned that everything happened during a fight at the victim’s house where a convict named David had come.

“Unfortunately a woman lost her life in Loma de la Candela, Guinea, when she was murdered with the same knife that her son used when trying to attack another man who passed by her house and With whom he allegedly had a fight.” They said. Lycia.

The prisoner was being released from jail and must have reached the woman’s house where he had an argument with the woman’s son.

The boy allegedly took out a knife and attacked the prisoner, but during the act his mother intervened in the fight and she was seriously injured.

“The woman’s son took out a knife and when they were about to attack each other, the woman came in between and unfortunately she got stabbed,” the communicator said. Stating that the matter is being investigated by police officials.

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