Date, time and how to watch Rubius’ Fortnite tournament (March)

One of the most popular ‘streamers’ not only in Spain and Latin America, but throughout the world, is organizing a very interesting tournament. We are going to tell you the date, start time, who are the participants and how to watch the Madcup tournament in Fortnite of the Rubius, in which several youtubers can win 50,000 euros in prizes. That is more than 250 million Colombian pesos.

Who will be the participants of the tournament? Fortnite of El Rubius?

In the following image you will find the list of all the participants of the Madcup tournament of Fortnite. Among these are some quite controversial names, such as ElXocas.

Date and time of the Madcup tournament of Fortnite by El Rubius

According to the official account of Fortnite in Spanish, the Madcup tournament will take place on Saturday, March 18, 2023 at 2:00 pm (Colombia, Peru and Ecuador time).

There will be five games: three on European servers and two on the Latin American server. The objective of this is that all participants have equal opportunities without being affected by the ‘ping’.

How to watch the tournament

We just have to tune in to the El Rubius Twitch channel on the appointed day and time.

Speaking of Fortnite and the Rubius, when will a ‘skin’ of that famous ‘streamer’ be in the game? Until now The only Spanish influencer in the Icons series is TheGrefg. As a Latina representative in the game we have Puerto Rican Chica’s attire.

Fountain: official account of El Rubius on Twitter

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