date, time, participants and all the details of this survival series created by AuronPlay

The video game series on len Twitch have become a great claim to not miss the live broadcasts made by our favorite streamers. AuronPlay has proposed to start 2023 in style by being one of the organizers of Minecraft Extremea series that will test the survival capacity of all those who have been invited.

The series will start this month and right here we will tell you all the details about what its purpose is, when it will start or who will be all the participants who will see with their own flesh how difficult it can be to survive in Minecraft.

What is Minecraft Extreme 2023

In this series, players will compete to check who is the last one who manages to stay standing. Each of them will have a maximum of three lives that they must preserve at all costs by passing tests and coming out unscathed from the barriers that the organizers will put up as they see fit. The last one to survive will take the next diploma in exchange.

Minecraft Extreme Diploma

Minecraft Extreme Date and Time 2023

At the moment it has been indicated that the series will start on January 17, in the absence of confirming at what time exactly will the starting gun go off. From that moment you will only have to go to the channel of the streamer that you like the most so as not to miss any of the hardships that you will have to live in this world of Minecraft.

The event will end after three weeks maximum. If after that time there is no clear winner, it will be decided by a final event.

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Extreme Minecraft Rules 2023

The organization wants Minecraft Extreme to be a very fun series for the participants and also for all those who will see it from their homes. However, that does not mean that there is some rules that must be followed and that streamers must take into account to avoid being eliminated:

  • They only have three lives and when they lose all of them they will be banned from the server.
  • They will not be able to revive in any way.
  • When you die, a tomb will appear with all your items that can be stolen.
  • The administration will do things so that the participants lose lives as the days go by.
  • The PvP will be active at any time, although it cannot be abused by those who know how to play less.
  • You can not enter at any time without issuing.
  • Chests of other players can be stolen and their houses can also be destroyed.
  • It is necessary to enter at least once in a 48 hour period, except during ESLAND.
  • On the contrary, there is no limit of hours to play, but the more you play, the more that player will be hurt.
  • Houses cannot be accessed using illegal methods.
  • Groups of a maximum of four people are allowed, but gangs of thugs, insults, and teams of experts are not accepted.
  • Four turrets per house are allowed.
  • The use of shaders is mandatory.
  • There are no immortality totems.
  • Mines and any type of explosives will be deactivated.
  • Only voice chat can be used and not Discord.

Extreme Minecraft Participants 2023

Minecraft Extreme Participants

Finally, here is one list with each and every one of the participants from this great Minecraft series:

  • 8cho
  • aleiv
  • arigameplays
  • aroyitt
  • AuronPlay
  • Axozer
  • bijin
  • Breifr9
  • Carol
  • cristinini
  • From d
  • Deqiuv
  • DessT3
  • edurne
  • elisawaves
  • ElMariana
  • elperita
  • Focus
  • Folagor
  • Genesis
  • Goes
  • HitBoxKing
  • Ibai
  • magnetized
  • jackie
  • jcorko
  • jokki
  • josechrist
  • Joseph
  • JuanSGuarnizo
  • Kajal
  • Karchez
  • Komanche
  • luh
  • Markilokuras
  • mayichi
  • missandie
  • MissaSinfonia
  • Mixwell
  • Nexxuz
  • girl
  • nilojeda
  • Noni
  • OllieGamerz
  • Duck
  • perxite
  • Polispol
  • quackity
  • reborn
  • Ricoy
  • rioboo
  • robleis
  • roier
  • Rubius
  • Shadowune
  • Spreen
  • Tanizen
  • TheGrefg
  • Vicens
  • Violet
  • Viruzz
  • volcano
  • Zorman

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