Daughter of Kiko, from “Chaves”, opens OnlyFans at age 40

Carlos and Vanesa Villagrán (Reproduction/Instagram)

the daughter of Carlos Villagranwho played the kikoin the Mexican series “Keys“, opened an account at OnlyFans, adult content site. in the profile of Vanesa Villagran, 40 years old, the subscription costs 11 dollars, about R$ 56 at the current exchange rate. The blonde’s platform is already full of sensual photos and videos.

Furthermore, Vanesa Villagran it also publishes content for over 18s in a Telegram group, which already has more than 3,000 members. And it doesn’t end there! the daughter of Carlos it also leaves a wish list available on the Amazon virtual store, so if any follower wants to pamper the woman, he can send her a gift.

Vanesa Villagran not only is she a daughter, but also her father’s representative. On social networks, the blonde has more than 60,000 followers and also honors the actor on her Instagram page. The model also leaves her social network private, so you have to request it so that she can see her photos.

In addition to Vanesa Villagrán: celebrities on OnlyFans

the daughter of kiko is not the first celebrity to make an account on the social network of adult content. Several celebrities around the world also bet on the platform to make extra money. For example, Anitta, Tyga, Chris Brown, Dynho Alves, MC Mirella, Raissa Barbosa, Rita Cadillac, Cardi B It is Austin Mahone are some of them.

Kiko’s retirement

Carlos Villagran said goodbye to his most famous character. The 78-year-old actor plays kiko since 1971 and stated that the time has come to say goodbye to the friend of “Keys“. “The time has come to say goodbye to people, goodbye to everyone (…) Because of my age, out of respect for myself, out of respect for people, out of respect for everyone. I am old enough to retire“.

The Mexican actor was performing at the circus Caballero Brothers, in Arizona, in the United States. On the tourGoodbye Tour“, he said goodbye to the character on January 30th. the father of Vanesa Villagran decided to stop playing his legendary character precisely because of his advanced age. now to see kiko in action, you will have to revisit the episodes of the Mexican series.

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