day 6 live

Matchday 6 of the Super League, live

Good afternoon to everyone. Today we come with a new day of the Super League full of interesting matches and good League of Legends. We reached matchday 6 of the championship and, although things can change a lot, we are already seeing which foot each team limps on.

Jokers opens the day again, this time against Los Heretics. The clowns will seek their first victory today after last Thursday they did not get to knock down Bisons at the premiere of Mystiques. Those of Motroco will play in front of the heretics, a team that is performing below expectations but that he is still one of the favorites to lift the title.

KOI and Fnatic TQ are two teams that chose to fight for the Playoffs before the season started But things aren’t going the way they should especially by the tents. The Fnatic academy is currently in the last position of these Playoffsbut KOI is relegated to the last positions with a painful 1-4. Key party for the interests of both.

Another very important game for both teams, a duel between Giants and UCAM that they need to add now. The Murcians started with a good 2-0, but three consecutive defeats have put them in seventh placeone above their rivals today, the giants. Gilhoto will have to put the batteries to his boys if they do not want to be left out of the title fightsomething that an organization like the Giants cannot afford.

Barça Esports and Movistar Riders will star in another piece of the match. Both teams have started the season very well in terms of results, but it is true that the riders have been more convincing than the blaugrana. A culé victory can make them sleep in second place, while one of Riders would leave them as co-leaders for another week. The duel in the bottom lane will be key in this matchup.

Finally, to close today’s date, Bisons and Rebels will play the assault on the leadership. Both teams co-lead the table along with Movistar Riders, and one of the two will no longer be at the top of the table. The bisons have once again signed a very good start, with a very plugged in Random and with D4nk4 and Legolas landing on his feet in Bilbao. In front will be some rebels who are undoubtedly being the surprise so far this season, they have found their style and are applying it to perfection, with which they have placed 4-1 at the top of the table.

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