DC Studios’ new Wonder Woman? Artist imagines Jaimie Alexander, Thor’s Lady Sif, as the heroine

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Since James Gunn It is Peter Safran announced their plans for the future of DCUfans are apprehensive about the future of Wonder Woman. Although a change of actresses has not been confirmed, as will happen with Superman, several people around the world are making assumptions about who will take the place of Gal Gadot like the heroine and this time the artist @youssef_defenshi made a drawing illustrating how the actress Jamie Alexander would be like Diana Prince.

In the image posted on Instagram, we can see Jaimie Alexander wearing the character’s classic colors, but instead of a skirt or of a leotardShe uses blue pants. She is also holding the famous Lasso of Truth in her left hand in an imposing pose. Check it out below:

Jaimie Alexander as Wonder Woman.

Jaimie Alexander looks like a great choice should Gal Gadot really get off the ground.

Jaimie Alexander lived the character Sif in Thor: Love and Thundermovie Marvel released in 2022. How was James Gunn involved with Marvel directing Guardians of the Galaxyit would not be surprising if he took some actors from the MCU to help you build the universe of A.D.

The latest DC movie to hit theaters is Shazam! Gods Furysequel to Shazam!, released in 2019. In it, Billy Batson and her stepbrothers must face the challenges of being school-aged teenagers and still defend the world from the threat posed by the daughters of Atlas. The film is available in movie theaters all over Brazil since Thursday (16).

But and you? What do you think of this Wonder Woman look? Share with us in the comments!

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