Digital leisure, a new form of entertainment on the rise

Entertainment is the best test bench. If something fails, nothing happens, because we are talking about fun, but in the event that something works, it can directly or indirectly have other most interesting applications. For this reason it is worth know the new leisure opportunities that exist thanks to new technologies.

Online game

The technology to be able to play online through the Internet has been in use for a few years now. Yes indeed, fiber optics has been a great boost that has made it possible to play more comfortablybecause cuts or slow speeds are already part of the past.

Thus, it is possible to play with other people from anywhere with Internet access without having to be in the same room. That is why it is now possible to play FIFA or Fortnite with people from anywhere in the world without having to leave home.

We’re not just talking about video games. You have to remember that betting and online casino have also become popular thanks to new technologies and the fastest internet speed. This can be verified in slot games, roulette or table games or when making sports predictions.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality has already entered homes with devices that are linked to games. Progressively, we are seeing how they begin to be developed as other alternatives to games, as they are used for movies or documentaries.

We are facing a sector that is advancing a lot and where it is not difficult to predict that virtual worlds in the future will be something more than entertainment. We talked about the fact that they will be a series of places where you will work, produce or buy, as similar to the reality that we have in our daily lives, but with a series of advantages that physical reality does not have.

Augmented reality

Here progress seems to have been less successful or there has been a slowdown. We all remember HoloLens or Google Glasses, but we haven’t seen a device really take the market by storm yet.

It is true that this technology has experienced significant success some years ago, as happened with Pokemon Go, where Pokemon were hunted down the street and interacting with reality.

This is precisely what augmented reality implies, since the options that reality offers when interacting with it increase.

The fact is that, although this type of technology has many advantages, it is true that quite a few mobile applications have integrated it, in the case of maps and different navigation devices, but they are not that popular yet.

Still more power may be required on devices or even that a higher browsing speed is necessary to provide a quality service.

The leisure industry continues to create options, some with greater success than others, but without a doubt it makes life more enjoyable and favors advances in other sectors.

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