Do you want to boost the development of 360 skills in your child? With this Minecraft workshop for children you can achieve it

Mexico City, February 23, 2023.- There is no longer any doubt, the future is technological and so is education. According to the Grand View Research report, tech-focused education is here to stay; It is estimated that edtech will have a growth of 19.9% ​​by 2028, and this is largely due to generations with new technological learning needs and their adaptation to virtual reality.

In the words of the specialist Aida Sarabia, Country Manager of Crack The Code, “Girls, boys and young people require ways of learning appropriate to the new characteristics of their environment, where digitization, entertainment and the virtual take on elementary roles to generate new technical and soft skills that allow them not only to develop better and innovative solutions, but also to share and refine them hand in hand with their team. It is our duty as businessmen, academics and society to create tools adapted to their needs in the face of future changes”.

In a search to generate creative and realistic ways to encourage the interest of Mexican children in programming and technology issues, platforms such as Crack The Code have put their hands to work to promote tech education in a fun way, for example One of this is the drive for education through video games and on this occasion, combining an additional factor: art. Making a match between factors as “isolated” as video games, art and programming may sound very challenging, but specialists have discovered that these elements used together can greatly favor learning and interest in children, as this awakens their curiosity, creativity, imagination and strengthens soft skills such as leadership, communication and attention to detail. This discovery gave the bases to create a new workshop that would meet these needs, “Create your favorite characters in Minecraft”.

The course is based on the use of video games due to three factors: breaking down the taboo on their use in teaching, helping to have a better understanding of the environment and providing an interactive place that encourages knowledge, construction and development of the programming language. , allowing:

  1. Learn more about creativity, innovation and architectural design

  2. Generate computational and analytical thinking, through collaborative work and in three dimensions

  3. Approach the programming language in a way suitable for boys and girls. Well, according to the expert, video games help reduce stress and anxiety that new knowledge and complex learning can generate in the little ones.

  4. Develop knowledge of and interest in art, architecture, and design

The idea of ​​the workshop arose from an exponential increase in demand, since the base of students interested in these topics has increased up to 5X in Crack The Code, it is also due to the need to encourage and empower the youngest to enter careers of the future, since despite being considered one of the most promising professions within the next decade, only less than 1% of the world population knows how to program, according to the Evans Data Corporation.

If your interest is focused on helping your little ones to be part of the new technological trends that will not only help them generate genuine interests in the digital world, art and architecture, but will also equip them with life skills such as analytical, mathematical and social thought. It is designed for children from 5 to 7 years of age virtually, remember that the course will have two dates available, March 18 and 20, and you can enroll your child up to one day before classes start.

Helping your children fulfill their new dreams is possible!

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